Monday, April 08, 2013

Mar 21: Kidnap Kid & Rudimental @ Lure LA

An appropriate track after our Phoenix listening party. I can't wait for Coachella. CHLOROFORM!

Phoenix - Entertainment

Four nights out in a row? That's vintage Blog Jomo at work. I randomly came across Kidnap Kid's Soundcloud and could not stop playing So Close. So much to my delight, he came up on my weekly emails as a upcoming performer at Lure, FOR FREE! But I didn't know anyone that would really be interested in checking out a new DJ. Thankfully, my Monday Night Crew peeps came through with me for an epically random night.

"Jomo, go hit on that girl in the leather pants."


Terry! With Viv, Nadia, and Sara?! Well that was random.


Thank you for the shots, Randy!

Hey it's like I went to Schurr High! Right Chris?

6 hours later.... I'm back downtown. What a night.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mar 21: Yee's Layover in DTLA

Audien feat. Ruby Prophet - These Are The Days

Yee was on his way to Japan for a class trip. Because all flights from Seattle to Tokyo had a layover in LA, he made a 2-night layover to experience the Downtown LA lifestyle. And to kick it with some friends. Public School, Library Bar, Perch. Only a sample of what LA has to offer. Yee, move out here already.

Truffle parmesan fries

Public School burger. Alright it's not as bad as I had it last time. Redemption.

Summer Lovin'

The Welcoming Committee

Library Bar