Thursday, September 30, 2010

A History of Rap: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, & The Roots

I literally creamed my pants watching this. I need to visit New York again ASAP and make the Jimmy Fallon show one of my stops. This duo should put something out.

So Justin, there's just one question...

When are you gonna make some more music?!?

We just wanna DANCE AGAIN!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Video)

Duck Sauce, the eminent producer duo comprised of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, are primed to drop their second official single, “Barbra Streisand” on October 12th. If 3 million YouTube views of last year’s debut “aNYway” are any indicator, the official release of “Barbra Streisand” will be met with rabid anticipation as fan-recorded bootlegs have fueled blog excitement all summer.

"Barbra Streisand" continues to perfect the Duck Sauce sound, which joyously mashes classic disco house with forward-thinking dancefloor energy and expert production. A-Trak and AVH are bona fide DJ heroes whose team-ups are fueled by anything-goes samples, an almost childlike sense of fun, and 100% NYC attitude. This approach has made Duck Sauce fans-for-life out of partygoers around the globe, and will continue to convert anyone within earshot of "Barbra"'s instantly addictive, whistling hook.

For the video, director So Me (Justice, Kid Cudi, MGMT) uses the song to soundtrack a hyperactive, ecstatic New York City travelogue. Shot over a week of long nights out with A-Trak and Armand (including live footage from the Fool's Gold "Day Off" labor day block party), the clip is a pop-art adventure starring commandeered taxis and hotdog stands, sexy strangers, and a who's-who of famous friends: rappers, producers, indie rockers, graffiti writers and nightlife icons all take turns adding their own special sauce to the song, turning "Barbra Streisand" into one of this year's must-rewind clips.

Watch the video and see just how many cameos you can catch, then pick up the "Barbra Streisand" single (featuring striking sleeve art from Fool's Gold art director Dust La Rock) on October 12th.

Sept 25: The Return to Busby's

I think you got more blues than over a liquor store...

Bruno Mars - Liquor Store Blues ft Damian Marley

So it was my first time back at Busby's since that fatefulFAILful night in March. Maybe I jinxed myself by jokingly psyching myself up. But I'd like to think that I'm just cursed at Busby's.

I twisted my knee while trying to bust a move. I did not (REPEAT: DID NOT) jump off the stage. But this is just a slight re-injury so it should heal pretty quickly. I still got to enjoy the full night with some friends, drinks, and dancing. All I really wanna do is dance. I can't stress that enough!

The usual Burbank crew in full effect.

Damn I didn't get the red and blue plaid memo!

Jamaican me crazy. Lullz.

Break it down for 'em homie.

A familiar spot... The view from the stage from which I sat to rest my knee last time.

Hey guys. Let's try this new spot next time. Have you heard of Libertine's?? (Lullz)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 24: Hyde

Happy birthday Weezy.

Lil Wayne - Right Above It ft Drake

Friday night. I'm not about to stay in two weekends in a row. Alison and I decided to tag along with Toe-Knee for a night out at Hyde for the Jo Koy afterparty and in celebration of Jerry Meng's birthday. VIP tables galore. Beautiful women. Belve bottles for days. Club-bangin' hip-hop. Can you say "rap video"? A few drinks later and the crowd is in full swing.

Happy birthday Jerry!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

bored? games... (via KaYoTiK)

I almost forgot to post this stuff. Last Saturday was pretty chill. I can appreciate days like this where I can just stay in and relax. Not pictured was after all the board games when my cousins Cassey and Nicole came over to chillax and I found out how hard my little cousin parties. #Mindblown.


reason(s) for lack of update(s)?
- i like to try and to top or at least equal the previous post. donald glover sightings are difficult to overcome.
- my life is still boring. when it hasn't been, my camera sits stationary on the ground since i'm enjoying myself.
- i'm lazy and feel like crap. my coworker gave me cold/flu medicine. took it on an empty stomach and i'm pretty sure it destroyed my intestines.

hopefully my immune system rejects whatever is invading and i get healthy with the quickness...not that any of that matters. friends want to see pictures and relive their weekends via reading about themselves.

rob came over last weekend for video games, scott pilgrim, food, and settlers.
knowlwoods is the old school spot in anaheim hills.

it's not the same picture.

converted rob to the boardgame. he got cocky on his first go-round, so i crushed his spirits, stole his longest road last second, and won.
i also made a variation of that character from aqua teen hunger force.

this past saturday saw more friends at the house for more board games.
maggie brought bebe. she's a photo whore.

james is distinguished and 2 hours late.

i sat out to team up with eunice and teach her the ropes.
we killed the competition despite them yelling at me to order pizzas at the same time.

awww bebe wants to play! she's like a stuffed animal.

we split for 2nd game. extension'd and random startup.

now flip!...neither of us were very successful on this go-round =(

we switched to apples to apples afterwards. freaking maggie wins everything.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept 17: Virgos Invade J-Lounge

Kanye West - Good Friday ft. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson

Happy birthday to:

And thanks Myron for getting us in for free without waiting!

My worlds continue to collide on a weekly basis. Went out to LA on Friday night with Yonten and some of the Burbankers to celebrate some birthdays and to just get out of the house. Some of my cousins were there to celebrate too. But the story of the night was definitely the Canyon High School reunion. I ran into people from the graduating classes spanning from '98 to '03. Lots of drunkenness from my family and friends. I wouldn't have it any other way...

Best dressed? Threeway tie between Denson, James, and myself. (You'll see...)

(I'm surprised the cops didn't scoop the birthday boy up at the end of the night...)

Since there were so many random groups of people here, it's gonna be a name-dropping post!

Yonten, Evita, Ryan.

James and Derrick. Hey that's a pretty nice shirt James!

Popped up flannel collar. #SteezeFail

Jensen. I've known this guy since 1st grade!
(When you were a student teacher for Mrs. Mukhar's class.)

Chauchy and Denson. Hey that's a pretty nice shirt Don-Don!

Me x Mark x Denson aka The Splash Bros.

Don Yu x Jimmy

HELL YEAH WE MATCH!! This is not a coincidence. Great styles dress alike. Herritage baby.

Way to maintain your composure cuh.

Happy birthday Nikki!


Brent! Wuttup mang.

Jennifer and friends.

Newlyweds! Congrats Jensen and Karen!

July 2010 Vegas Car: Derrick, Jan, Mark.

At the end of the night, Denson aka Baby Pacquiao was ready to shut it down.

We meet again old friend.

Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger on sourdough.

Thanks for driving James. Enjoy your present.