Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 27: ARG vs MEX @ The Montalbán

(I'm a big CG fan B, but Mixtape Drizzy is the sh*t.)

10) Drake ft Lil Wayne - Ransom by sirgenesis

Day 3 in LA. This was a morning run with Mocha and Carmel aka Soup and Topher. I got invited (thanks Emily!) to watch the FIFA World Cup match between the heavyweights Argentina and Mexico at the pop-up Nike Soccer HQ at The Montalbán. They provided free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and we were free to browse the Nike ID store and check out the rooftop court for some 5v5 action. Overall a very dope experience!

We could hear the vuvuzelas blocks away. (And used to think they were cool, but goddamn those things ARE annoying in person!)

Thanks Em for getting us past that line! Blogger = Media.

Write The Future: cool or cursed?

I took a look around the Nike ID store. You could customize a pair of sneakers, or your own soccer jersey. I barely resisted.

Color and fabric swatches. This is way better than trying to make a pair online.

To raise awareness and funding for AIDS research, Nike(RED) has made these "Lace Up, Save Lives" laces. 100% of the profits go towards The Global Fund and soccer-based programs that fight AIDS in Africa.

On to the match! Theater seating is prime.

Who's #1?

Argentina vs Mexico.

There were definitely more Mexico fans in the house. LA had to represent. Unfortunately, the favored Argentina busted through and will proceed to the next round. In the end however, we all chanted "Boston sucks". Nice.

Friendlies. Check out this time-lapse video on the painting of the mural by Madsteez.

Adam wanted to party afterwards. No luck Chuck.

We got a bite to eat at Papa Cristos before we went back to Anaheim.

Killing time.


Gyro. Papa Cristos is way better than Mad Greek!

Papa Cristo is in the house!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5D x Neighborhood Ale House Collaboration

Via 5&A Dime.

The release day is almost upon us...finally.

If you are one of the many people who have been waiting to pick up one of these Neighborhood X 5&A Dime pint glasses you're in luck. The glasses and shirt will be releasing the last day of this month Wednesday June 30th on that day only if you buy both the shirt and the pint glass you will also receive a FREE glass of "El Camino Real" Stone beer. Must be 21 years of age.

Just so it's perfectly clear to everyone, that's not the owner of Neighborhood pictured above.

Tee and pint glass package $26. Single pint glass $5.

Women's and men's zip up hoodies will also be available for purchase.

Monday, June 28, 2010

June 26: Party in PH17

mc DJ - Rockstar ft Childish Gambino by xjomox

I'm not sure exactly how we ended up here... (Well that's not true; it was all thanks to SoSuperSam, Donald Glover's kindness, and the power of Twitter.) But I still couldn't believe that we were here! It didn't sink in until we got to talk to some of the other guests at the party that I realized that we were all there to just hang out and have a damn good time before Donald moved out, whether or not you were in the entertainment industry.

But I must admit, those of us who AREN'T actually in the industry were extremely GEEKED out and appreciative of the receptiveness and kindness of those of you who ARE in the industry. In attendance were members of Derrick Comedy, Community, Kevin from Attack of the Show, and one Drew Barrymore. (Maybe I should have hot-linked this picture instead of her IMDB page.) A lot of memories were made this night.

Community will be shooting its second season around late July. (I confirmed with Gillian Jacobs myself! ::snickers::)

And Childish Gambino will be dropping Culdesac this Friday, July 02.

Check out Brian's post for some Childish Gambino freestyles along with DJ Mark Marcelo.

Click on the images to open the larger resolution. All images may also be viewed HERE.

Alright are we sick of links yet? Pictures by KaYoTiK. Captions by xjomox.

Everyone could use a little direction.

We up in dis b*tch.

Ain't nuthin' but a G thang baby (3:08 mark).

So Super Sam mixing it up. Hopefully it's one of many random gigs.

Old neighbors.

New friends.

Freestyle sesh #1.

Hellz-A-Poppin', watchu rockin?!

Mickey's 40oz all day.

"Hey guys, I'm sorry we ran out of alcohol. Let me get the secret stash!"

Sippin' on that whiskey it's a brain cell funeral.

One VERY happy camper.

Elroy Jetson.

MC DJ with his two new favorite DJs.

Angie x Drew x Sam. (What?!)


Thanks again for hosting such a dope party Mr. Donald Glover aka Troy aka Childish Gambino aka mc DJ.