Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 10: Happy Birthday Brucetopher & Soup

Aka Bruce and Adam. These two are like Ebony and Ivory (more like Mocha and Caramel).

A Childish Gambino x Grizzly Bear track for all the Donald Glover fans. A fitting track as I just got off the phone with So Super Sam about some upcoming projects. Hoping the best for you in the near future! You're so epic girl!

Bitch, Look At Me Now (Two Weeks) by Childish Gambino

What an eventful day. We enjoyed an afternoon and night in the city of Los Angeles starting with Señor Fish for the Lakers vs Celtics Game 4 (I swear Adam next time I will really stab you you goddamn Celtics fan!), then hitting up Downtown LA for the LA Art Walk, and finishing with some Lemonade action in Little Tokyo. Despite being the DD, I still had a pretty good time, but was drained by the end of the night. I don't recommend walking the Art Walk in such large numbers. Stick to 4 or less.

First up, Señor Fish!

Reserved for Mr. Bruce.

Game 4. Where slobbering, tongue flickering, and "Shrek and Donkey" happen. Disgusting.

Steve, what did I say about tequila shots? No!

Neej x B x Steph.

That's not water... ;)

Bruce x Liliette.

This sorta works well.

You may recognize Arine (pronounced "arr-uh-NAY") from the new VH1 reality show The OCD Project. THAT WAS MY 2002 WINTER FORMAL DATE! Hollerrrrr. So famous!

Erin x Collin x Adam.

B x Mariano.

After a tough loss we walked a few blocks to downtown LA and checked out the Art Walk. The art itself was ALRIGHT, but there were definitely some interesting people out that took my attention.

Willy Wonka aka The Madd Hatter.

Adam with his sister Julie. I didn't know we were shooting an American Eagle ad tonight.

Stink eye.

What's scarier than a clown? A mime.

Where's the beef? That's not Tim...

See what I mean about "interesting people"?

Hey they're freelancing! Bruce you would have taken these guys down with your gay raps.

The first dude thought Stephen was a blogger from The Travel Channel (he looks like a fan of Street Magic). The second dude was yelling blood calls on the corner. SOOO WOOOOP!

Carie x a Boston fan. Booooo!!

Laker fans. YAAAAA!!

My body was aching at this point from all the walking we did. Thank God for Lemonade where I could finally just chill for a minute to the tunes of DJ Sean G and Mark Marcelo.

B x Mink x TK.

T(ine) x TK x K(aren). That simplifies to (TK)^2!

Great event Janessa!

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