Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drake - Find Your Love (Prod. by Kanye West)

Another leak single off of Thank Me Later. I think more than half of the album has been released by this point and it's not even scheduled to release until June 15th. Well I guess you might as well make money off the singles. The song is pretty good despite the absence of a rap verse. Produced by the voice of our generation, KANYE WEST.

Download HERE (via 2dopeboyz).

5&A Dime x DJ Neil Armstrong

Info via The TK
San Diego's very own 5&A Dime is doing a limited edition collabo t-shirt & mix CD (limited to 100) with the infamous DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-Z / Adidas). The collabo is set to drop soon so keep posted!

I came across some images on DJ Neil Armstrong's Flickr (no one's blogged this yet?). This shirt is pretty sick! The front mimics the NASA logo with a headshot in a spacesuit with "5&A Dime / San Diego" around the top, "DJ Neil Armstrong / NYC" around the bottom. The back features a spaceman carrying a turntable and a flag with the perennial 8-ray sun and 3 stars of the Philippine flag. And based on the pictures below, it comes in black and white. Too bad I don't think I'll be able to make the actual release. :(

Neil will be spinning for Rhythm and Recreation at Onyx/Thin on Friday. If you plan to go, I recommend you get there early.

UPDATE: More pictures via 5&A Dime.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T-Pain: Freaknik is Back / Save You (Video)

Somehow, I like this version of T-Pain better: as an ambiguous black and dollar-signed Pacman ghost shape with kid white gloves and stunna shades. Below are 2 of the tracks from the Adult Swim special. Bangers.

You can purchase the epic 45-minute episode on iTunes HERE. It's clever in an outrageous and ostentatious way, just like most of the great rappers of this generation tend to be.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bruery, Placentia CA

Some extra innings action this weekend with David aka Sawyer (my Sundays are normally reserved for doing nothing). We hit up The Bruery, a local spot in Placentia on Sunday afternoon to do a little beer tasting. It's in the middle of a business district and hidden from the common eye, but David had been here before and knew where the entrance was.

This was my first time actually going to a brewery and it's just like wine tasting to me. I ended up buying a bottle of Saison Rue to drink later.

Mystic Brew- Ronnie Foster by rchtct

Good times Sawyer. But damn, I drank too much beer this weekend.

What One's Drinking: Haven Gastropub

Good places are always worth another trip. I met up with Neeraj and David at Haven in Orange for a few drinks and to chat up current events and as usual, reminisce about old times at UCSD. We successfully converted Neej to the Moscow Mule in the process.

DOM KENNEDY - Locals Only by rt.

Damn awning ruined my shot...

I tried the Jubel 2010 which according to the description, has not been made in the past 10 years.


And the secret to the Moscow Mule: a good ginger beer. I ordered this to help be sober up a little bit. It's like a basic ginger ale but with a more poignant taste.

Mulefest 2010 is coming up soon! Woot wootums.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What One's Eating: The Hat

1 of 2 posts for yesterday. Brian and I headed out to Brea to run an errand at the Brea Mall and for lunch at The Hat. Coincidentally, Mr. Yonten wanted to grab lunch, so he met us up for the pastramifest.

Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed by Kurt Cabin

Do Not Enter.

Think of this as the "before" picture...

James and I each got the pastrami sandwich. Brian went a little bigger (that's what she said) and got the pastrami burger (basically a cheeseburger with pastrami on it).

Oh yeah and chili cheese fries. (I can't believe this picture blew up on facebook...)


My "M-Deezy" shot of the day. Wuttup Mike! (Read his wordpress!)

The damage is done.


Blah... why did we eat so much?!

And of course the "after" shot. As you can see, James' heart completely stopped for 30 seconds, but he resisted the light and came back. Brian basically sharded his pants.

Good pastrami. Guaranteed indigestion afterward. It's these trade-offs you have that make life interesting.

April 23: Soul Sessions @ Grand Star w/ DJ Neil Armstrong

A random outing with the hoodrat. We started with dinner at Coconut Bay (4 beers was not a good idea) and then ended up at Grand Star to meet up with Sheryl and friends to see DJ Neil Armstrong in the mix. I really liked the vibe at Soul Sessions. I felt like I was at an old 90's house party. Good stuff. But Als you gotta get off that BBM. Freaking boring dude.

William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got by aido

Spicy pad... something with ground beef.

Garlic and pepper pork on rice.

No Thai beer? Shameful.

On your phone at dinner? How rude!

Grand Star Jazz Club. Do you like jaszzz?

Some danceoff-ing before DJ Neil Armstrong hit the stage.

Hoodrat loves balloons....

DJ Neil Armstrong in the mix! Great blends with a lot of good samples. Nice show.

Nice moves Sheryl! Swaggy.


Good times skank!

Back home.

Bonus closing picture. Damn SORRRRYEEEEE toddler glamor shots!!