Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct 22: Kathy and Thang's Birthday Costume Thing (via KaYoTiK)

First Crush (Featuring Knife City) by Sabrepulse

999th post via KaYoTiK.

finally got the oh-so-exclusive invitation to kathy's infamous annual costume party. photo booth, beer pong, banana dogs...despite coming late and having the birthday girl knockout waayyyy too early, we had a grand ole time. i took a few too many shots (alcohol) and forgot taking a few too many shots (photos). ha ha ha. PUNS. onwards to the pictorials!

taking teenage mutant ninja noses to the next level

voodoo skeleton, pinocchio, little red riding hoodrat, dangle

alison is totally into your helmet bro.

henny cork shots

was this the one that put her over?


i need a setup like this

she's still moving!

intergalactic hanging with friends


cuuuute! but where's abu?

ahhh, there he is! ben (at marquee) making a surprise appearance back in cali.

battle of the RGB spectrum

we got kicked out but the parents once the celebrants were zonked in the bedrooms.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct 16: The Do-Over, San Diego

Avicii - Levels (Phase5 Moombahton Remix)

The legendary Do Over made its first appearance in sunny San Diego at El Camino. This venue is pretty tiny, but it definitely provided for the jam-packed backyard boogie ambiance of previous Do-Over summers. Thanks to Mr. Asada's white-boy-swag coolness, Edric and I were able to jump the line (much to our discomfort of the bouncer yelling "VIPs coming through!") and get in without pause. Beverage of choice: $20 sangria pitchers that were passed around like the holy grail at the last supper (I hope nobody had mono or the herp). The booming engine roars of planes flying overhead every 15 minutes gave premise to a new DJ drop besides the Funkmaster Flex bomb (RT'd by The Do-Over!). DJ Sabo dropping some moombaliciousness and The Gaslamp Killer with some face-melting beats. And 2 gentlemen of epicness: (1) the old man dancing with every pretty lady within sight, holding a party in his hand; and (2) the university professor who successfully made out with 4 different women, (3 at the same time). Is this what it's like every Sunday? ::Levelz drop::

Blessed by this wonderful meal by Hannie. Thanks mama bear!

(Well Edric IS papa bear...)

El Camino

DJ Haycock

It wasn't THAT packed...

Fresh from Dinky's sh*tface party at Onyx/Thin the night before.

Here's Pops, happy as a clam. Do you know why?

This is why. (And not because of the girl he's dancing with.)

"When you dance with a girl, don't break eye contact!"
Duly noted sir!

SD fam in the house.

Too much touching by Mark and Klev. Drunken baklas!

So delicious and refreshing. (And staining on my white tee. Yeuup, on my white tee.)

How did they make room for a circle...

Girls, girls, girls, girls.


We intended to only stick around for 2 hours, but stayed for about 5. Good times.

Bonus coverage from Brandon of the Combover Collective, including this dope ass video of the crowd wildin' out to the Gaslamp Killer droppin' Hard In The Paint.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct 15: The Office

Dillon Francis - I.D.G.A.F.O.S.

It's the same question whenever I come down to San Diego for a non-holiday weekend:
"Hey Jomo, what are you doing in San Diego? There isn't an HoB event!"
-Screw you! Why can't I come down and hang out with my SD fam?!

And every Saturday I'm usually at The Office where this gets asked:
"Hey Jomo, are you gonna get 'Jomo-wasted' tonight?!"
-Ugh. What am I, a monkey to you people?!

But thanks for all the drinks guys: Jameson, Svenka, Patron, Fireball. I DID get pretty wasted, but it was too little, too late. No dancing monkey this time. Love you guys.

A little rosy aren't ya?

Matchy with Hannie!


After much resistance, I caved in...


Blah. I hate tequila...



(Yeah, too short and too drunk to take a decent shot...)

4th meal: al pastor fries. Yummmmmmmm.