Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pitch, Hit, Run, Kick

WOW I'm really behind on this post. My bad. Thanks to my brother for these shots.

On Sunday, Learn To Be hosted the Aquafina MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run event at Toyon Park in Anaheim. Kids basically ran some baserunning, pitching, and hitting drills for points and the opportunity to advance to the next round and eventually participate in the 2009 World Series. I used to play little league in the first grade! I wish I stuck with it. Some of these kids are pretty good. We even got a little coverage from the Orange County Register! Very little... ah well.

What One's Wearing: Huf hat, In4mation x 5&A Dime tee, Uniqlo denim, Laser Blue AM90 IDs. Steezeburger.

Stephen: The Coach.

I was out there volunteering a little, manning the pitch station. Kids got 6 balls to pitch at a strikezone. The best kid hit 5 of 6.

No gender discrimination!

This kid was my favorite (no pedo). You always gotta cheer on the little guy.

When you're here, you're in Angel country.


At the end of the event, we announced the winners for the various age groups.

The volunteers: Bruce, Mario, Jon, Juliana, Cesar, Joe, me, Stephen, James, Bryan. Supposedly doing "my" pose. F*ck you guys lol!

Time for the volunteers to have some fun.


We were able to get a 5-on-5 game going which is tough when you're working with such a huge field. We had to make some modifications to the game. Modify. Modify. Modify.



Bryan launches one.

Diana being an emo kid behind the fence. How was your run?

Cesar launching one.

And The Ringer made an appearance: Jeff Rusthoven.

Hopefully we can get a bigger game going in the future.

Rookie card.

Knockin' some balls around.

When I played little league, would you believe I was a pitcher? Actually I played left-field, but the best damn fielder on our team back in the day!

After a long evening a few of us hit up the local Pizza Hut for some Panormous action. Brimo in da house. He matches the table.

Jon on his dSLR tip.

YES! One of the best deals from Pizza Hut. Go get yours already.

Everybody stuffed their faces. Goodnight.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jammy Jam: iMeem Playlist

I'll try to keep this playlist up to date every week with new stuff. The player is on the right side if you haven't noticed. This week I have tracks from Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, The Clipse, Drake, Lil Wayne, Bun B, Asher Roth, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Chester French, Black Thought, Phoenix, and Royce (his track is bangin). Enjoy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

UCSD Dinner x Beer x Sidebar

After the wedding shower on Saturday, I met up with some of my friends from UCSD. Since graduating, most of us have moved back to Orange County/Los Angeles for work and/or school. We got together to celebrate David Kim's 25th birthday by getting dinner in Hacienda Heights at Earthen Restaurant. David is a regular food blogger and likes to see if Yelp reviews live up to the hype.

Earthen Restaurant. Make sure you have your whole party there before you even try to sit. They're pretty particular about this. I feel like the sign is missing something in the middle...

My fellow Eleanore Roosevelt College alumni: Phil, Jimmy.

David, James.

Crystal, Christine.

I seriously haven't seen Crystal since we graduated back in '06. Good times just catching up. Lovin' the new facial hair!

Tea toast!

Some of the recommended plates from Yelp. The house chicken was very good aside the bones and cartilage. The meat was soft and flavorful with a nice sauce and sliced pickled cucumbers on top.

Beef noodle soup. Also flavorful with balanced taste and tenderized beef. My only gripe is that the noodles were very long and therefore difficult to work with.

Green onion pancakes are a nice standard.

The night was relatively young so we carpooled over to Diamond "Life" Plaza for some drinks at Beer Station. I was able to catch the last quarter of the Lakers/Jazz game. Keep on hatin'.

Sapporo x Jimmy.

Cold sake.

A nice combination. The glasses were a bit small to drop so we just drank separately.

Beer toast!

Sake toast!

On the wall was some bootleg Indiana Jones x Kung Fu Hustle sh*t. Hilarious. A translation of the poster would be appreciated.

David, Jimmy, James and I got to reminisce about our old times at Camp Snoopy freshman year which included birthdays, random trips across campus, and of course Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3. cSy is untouchable.

I had to leave a little early to get home and pick up James before we headed up to Glendale for the Sidebar event for Aprille's birthday and to kick it with the SD homies. It was really nice chillin' with my ERC peeps! Happy birthday again David, you old bastard.

Sidebar, Glendale. I really like this spot. It's too bad it's all the way in freakin' Glendale.

3 nights in a row chillin' with my homie James.

Some of the SD heads were in the building. Julz, Garvin, Bin.

And of course Guil who likes to bite his nails. Bad habit dude. Look at him just chomp away at his fingertips. GROSS.

The most of the dinner/beer crew decided to make an appearance since the night was still young! JIMMY AGAIN!

Christine, Jimmy, Phil, David, me, Crystal. Like I said before, I chill with a lot of Koreans. Thanks David. Nice goblet.

The SD/LA homies aka the Weinerfest crew: Bin, Ben, Jon, Julz, Guil, Garvin. (Oh sh*t that's BBJJGG?!?)

DJ Mark Marcelo with the closing set. Have you gotten his latest mix The After-Party yet? Hot fire.

More groupies?! Damn son you're good.

Mark got the crowd going. Action shots! David getting his groove on with some girl. You were standing kinda far from her dude... Don't be shy. ITZ YO BERFDAY DAWG!!

Bin and some booty in the background. The couple in the background were going AT IT. He loved it...

"Nah. I'm cool."
Although, I've never seen Ben geek out so much besides that night.

Aprille, Guil, Kim sandwich. HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRILLE! Lol at Kim's face.

One more with the UCSD crew.

Afterwards, James and I headed back to Anaheim for some grubbin at the local Jack once again.

Okay that makes 3 nights in a row of drinking. And Saturday was 3 separate instances of drinking too. No more till New York!