Sunday, April 05, 2009

Getting Away: Irvine Lake

Yesterday I spent about 9 hours at Irvine Lake on a boat, fishing with James and Vic. I must say that despite our failure to catch anything in that time span (YES I KNOW MEGAF*CKFAIL), it was really nice getting away from what has recently been the busiest and craziest past few months. Finally some time to chill out. This was my first fishing trip since the one with Vic last year (CLICK HERE). Thanks to Vic for taking us out there and showing us the ropes, and also to James for some of these pictures.

I guess the day starts with the night before. After a movie with the homies (Adventureland was dope), I stayed home and made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I'm more of a smooth guy, but I'll take whatever is in the house. I also got my other stuff: beach towel, sunglasses, hat, reading material, and water. Vic would take care of the fishing gear.

I was up at 4:45am to shower and pick up James. Vic was already at the lake in line to get a boat. I can't believe I was up this early and not for work. It's about 5:45am when we get there. At least I got to see the sunrise.

My two fishing buddies for the day: James & Vic. This was James' first fishing trip! This was Vic's first trip for April (the dude fishes almost every weekend).

He kinda gave us a "gameplan" as far as where we would be taking the boat for fishing and whatnot. Vic came to help us set up, but he left soon after to drop his parents off at the airport.

How are you wearing flipflops right now Vic?! It was freakin freeeeezing!!

Our drop tops for the day: rickety tin cans. They weren't so bad though.

James and I embark on our journey to Trout Island!

Trout Island is a small spot in the lake where Vic was tipped off for a good spot to start. It wasn't haha.

Twittering... haha.

We dropped anchor and I taught James how to cast his line out. Not everyone is a pro.

2 hours pass (fast) and Vic's back from the airport. The captain... and his silly hat.

While Vic took the boat out, James and I stop for a food break. PB & J SON! Ughhhhhh.

When I picked up James, the first thing I noticed was his hat. We coincidentally wore the same one (different colors) because we both thought it was the ultimate fishing hat x streetwear. OG hundreds gear > whatever is out now.

My casting skills are decent. It's like drawing a tangent line to an arc with the line! (Yes I'm a math nerd.)

My catching skills... far inferior! I caught this weird little seed. "Is that a sea urchin?" -James. James, we're in a lake. You fail.

Catching up on sleep.

Vic is a fishing master. Well, he just really knows his stuff. This was used for catching bass.

My turn to catch some Zzzzzz's. Vic's always on the move though.

Awayguns, Antena mag, and fishing pole. I can't believe I was out here for 9 hours! But it was so relaxing to be out in the middle of nowhere and not have a care in the world.


Our pimped out ride. We upgraded our rental boat with these seats for a few extra bucks. They were worth it! Except that there was only 2 and there were 3 of us. I got jipped with the middle seat. We were on the coastline to take a pee break in one of the portables.

And as you have probably noticed, there are a lot of pictures of us fishing and chilling, but where are all the fish?? We had no idea. And we noticed a lot of other groups didn't catch much either. The currents in the lake along with the slight western winds kept spinning our boat in circles and messing up our lines. We even had 6 fishing poles for 3 people. F*CKINGMAJORFAIL.

3:30pm rolls around and it's time to head back to shore. To end our trip on a high note, we decided to go as fast as we could through a gigantic flock of gulls swimming around.

This was somewhat of an intense moment because we thought all the birds would circle us and just rain down birdsh*t on our faces. They didn't. And this turned out to be kinda cool to see all the birds fly off.

We also raced another tin can back to the dock. They were ahead of us, but we hauled ass and beat them! TAKE THAT! Vic, cool as a cucumber.

No group shot of the 3 of us (fail). But all in all, great experience. I got to catch up with James and Vic. We're looking to go deep sea fishing next time!

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DontEvenTrip said...

PB&J's look crackin. The spot doesn't look too bad either..

PS. Really..? You even 'micro-blog' (God, I hate you) when you're out fishing??