Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 29: Multi-Party Madness (via KaYoTiK)

Busy Saturday! After running some errands, Brian and I hit up the Contreras household for a little going-away party for David before he left for the Philippines to complete nursing school. Thanks for the invite. We'll see you around the holidays David!

After that, we headed to the Mapara house for Pooja and Suraj's engagement party. I've known Pooj since 1st grade (alright we're not re-creating the Sweet 16 speech) and Suraj is one-third of the Third Period Short Day crew. Congratulations guys! I can't wait for the wedding next year.

Thanks for the blog Brian. What's "blog-jomo" all about?

Asher Roth - Muddy Swim Trunks (served by Madlib) by Hypetrak

david is moving to the philippines to finish up school. that means family bbq.

ribs chicken carne corn

bacon wrapped doggies

had about 3 plates of this goodness

have fun and stay safe sir.

party-hoppers. pooja and suraj are getting married!
met up with bruce and rolled up in the bentley.

after the bbq, i wasn't much for food here. but these potato crepes were amazing.

michael as blog-jomo

table shot series

then we headed towards the alcohol

canyon kids as blog-jomo

blue man group as blog-jomo

everyone as blog-jomo

congrats the twos of yous!

Oh yeah, the Lakers won too. Epic. BRING ON BOSTON!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

5&A Dime's Challenge of the Week

5&A Dime has collaborated with the cross-corner E.Vil (East Village) inhabitants Neighborhood Bar for their very own line of pint glasses and a collaboration tee. Our lovely assistant Jeff is featured in this video, explaining this weeks challenge that will allow you to get a discount on a (or possibly free) glass and tee.

Challenge Of The Week from "5Dtv" 5&A DIME on Vimeo.

Friday, May 28, 2010

What One's Eating: May 25 Gyu-Kaku, Pasadena

After the Lakers' loss (booo!), I headed up to LA to meet up with Jenn, DJ Mark Marcelo (yeah I'm using your DJ name), Stacy, and James for Japanese BBQ. Jenn's been dying to go to Gyu-Kaku for their great food and happy hour. Stacy and James are apparently major regulars and have a club card?! You kids are ca-razy. Combine a 25% off coupon, and Stacy's $25 credits, this had to be one of the cheapest baller meals I ever had!

Some Nujabes for the background.

Nujabes - Aruarian dance by keneda999

Bottles of nigori for $5? 2 please!!

Pitchers of Sapporo for $7.50? 2 please!! (Oh yes. We got wasted.)

So I learned two new things.
Jenn: You're not supposed to pour your own sake. It's bad luck or something.
Mark: I heard you have to make eye contact when you toast, otherwise it leads to bad sex or something. (Which lead to this question.)
CHEERS! ::intense eye contact::

Once a table cleared up we sat down and got down to grillin'.

Stacy x James.

Chipmunk Jenn x Mark aka the fobs! (No not really. Well I'm not sure about Jiji Jeehee...(damn sorry for misspelling that fob!))

Kalbi beef chuck. This was the "cheap" stuff and it was BI-BIM-BOMB! I really love the sauces they provided too. Marinated sex in my mouth.

Cream cheese and seaweed. Pretty good!

And this black sesame ice cream was BI-BIM-BOMB TOO!

I pulled an Alvin, and closed my eyes and took my first bite. Yummmm....

The only issue was that they slipped up on our order and forgot to bring a few plates out. So we got a pitcher on the house! Nice!!

More toasts. More eye contact.

James is a king...

...with a thizz face.

Was this the animal porn discussion?

What a random good night out on a Tuesday night.

Kanye West - Power (ft Dwele)

This is the first single off of Kanye's album Good Ass Job. There have been talks of Kanye going back to his style pre-808's, but I didn't see this coming. This sh*t bangs! This song is expected to be available on iTunes on June 8th. Check out Miss Info's page for more... info.

Kanye West - Power ft Dwele by xjomox

Download HERE

Monday, May 24, 2010

This Sunday: Memorial Day 2010 Block Party! House of Blues SD

Via The TK Times.
Not only is it my birthday but I'll be performing along with UrbanFX for the first time in over 5 years! So I need everyone to come out and support because I'm hella nervous! HAHA Plus, you won't to miss Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle) featuring the Sh*t Kingz and the ladies favorite "Sexy Boy Special"! We're uniting San Diego x Los Angeles x San Francisco for the PARTY OF THE YEAR!

Urban FX Reunion 2010 from VictoryNightlife on Vimeo.

1055 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

The Block Party is San Diego's premiere Memorial Day weekend event! Uniting California's most recognized nightlife producers, legendary DJs, and world renown dance crews & choreographers.

[DJ Crews]: Salvation Alley | Legends Lounge | Main Stage
+ Mindz Alike - Mark Marcelo / Julz / Edroc
+ Armory Massive - Cros1 / Felt 1
+ HVYRSNL - Rygar
+ SD Source - Happee / Rayted R / Vtec
+ Battlestar - Virus

[Performing Live]: Main Stage
+ Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle) featuring the Sh*t Kingz (Japan)
+ Sexy Boy Special (Choreo Cookies | Studio 429)
+ UrbanFX 10 Year Reunion (StudioFX)

[Hosted by]:
+ Angie Girl
+ Chris Trondson (World of Dance)
+ Angelica Alumnia (Pacific Rim)


Calling all Geminis and Graduates!

Celebrate your Birthdays and/or Graduations in style at the world famous House of Blues. Time is running out. Email for VIP service.

Celebrating the birthdays of:
+ Toe-Knee "TK" Nguyen (Victory)
+ Jo Koy (Chelsea Lately)
+ Mark "Porky" Mariano (Magec)
+ Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh)
+ Jenilee Reyes
+ John Ibay (USLA)
+ Rachel Prodigalidad
+ Leo Portillo (Wildboyz)
+ Brittany Woods (Hellz Bellz)
+ Jessica Ramos (UrbanFX)
+ Brandon Hoffman (5 & A DIME)
+ Noelle Concepcion (Victory)
+ Twinkle Munar (Victory)
+ Julyne Garcia (Victory)
+ YOU!!!


$10 Presale Tickets Available at:
+ 5&A Dime (Downtown)
+ Willy's Workshop (Mira Mesa, Rancho Penasquitos)
+ StudioFX (Miramar)
+ House of Blues Box Office

CLICK HERE to purchase your presale tickets online now!


[Supported by]:
Victory Nightlife // House of Blues // ZXR // Xclusiv Lifestyles // Stay Fresh // Magec // SD Source // HVYRSNL // Mindz Alike // Armory // Movement Lifestyle // Pacific Rim



Shaun Evaristo ft. Sh*t Kingz:

Sexy Boy Special:

And the I can't leave out the Return of the Comb-Over, hosted by Brand-EZ.

May 22: KBBQ DNB HOTD4 DDR EHP (via KaYoTiK)

Via Chaotic.
korean barbeque dave and busters house of the dead 4 dance dance revolution epic house party
celebrating maggie's grad school graduation.
said screw you to chum sut gol's non reservations and hit up icheonwon.

spread of foods and people.

i like the variety of facial expressions in this one.

headed over to DnBs at the block to relive thursday nights at UCI.
gun shake mechanics are still fun.

ryan got me for better rockstar face.

never play this harley game. crazy taxi with bikes is wack.

epic. better luck tomorrow?

F is for...maggie is the best.

DDR ripoffs are even more strange than DDR.

turned vin diesel into waluigi and headed to bruce's for some gay fun.

you guys bring this on yourselves.

the night became more normal.

then even more gay.

thanks 2 saints family