Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 18: Wellesbourne & Perch

Bar hopping from the westside to downtown on the eve of my birthday... I should have known better.

It was a pretty day in downtown.

Rob Roy at The Wellesbourne

2 hours later, whiskey shots at Perch.


Jan 17: Lakers vs Heat

With the news that Pau, Dwight, AND Hill were out for a while, along with the skid that the Lakers were on in the past few games, I was ready to scalp these tickets off on the Hub. But the Lakers were riding a 2-game win streak, and Dwight and Pau were gonna be back in the lineup. Despite the loss, it was actually a great game. It's the most pleasing lost I've seen (if that's even possible...). Maybe it's because they played as well as they could. They controlled the tempo for most of the game. They just had a few unlucky breaks.

Dinner at Soleto.

Not sure how they found out it was my birthday... but thanks guys.

We missed the original tipoff again. No worries.

Even Jasmine's spiffy shoes couldn't get us the win.

Late night drinks at the Falls afterwards.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan 15: Hulu Offices

Visited Chris's.... "office" after we grabbed dinner at Nong La. I've seen friend's offices before (still need to check out the various Google offices), and Chris's takes the cake. I know I work at a great company and have some of the best medical and retirement benefits, but this is f*cking cool.




And video games... Alright hurry up man.

Simon's got next.

Jan 07-14: DTLA Life Pt 2

A week into the new year, and I'm ready to get back into the world. It was definitely a busy week with plenty of things going on. Too bad my camera is still out of commission... iPhone photos prevail...

Monday Night: School Night w/ Yuna

Tuesday Night: Dinner @ Hart and The Hunter

Thursday Night: DTLA Artwalk capoeira roda

Friday morning/afternoon: rooftop sunrise and patio furniture assembly

Friday night: ramen @ Men Oh w/ Angelface

And some bonus round action: BEER PONG! But with water and wine...


And back to Monday Night: Jazz Night @ The Falls

Flu shot.

Should've gotten a real flu shot....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 01-06: DTLA Life

It's the beginning of 2013. And I'm partied out. So excuse the not-so-exciting posts of food.

First dinner of 2013: curry chicken katsu at Suehiro Cafe. It's gonna be a good year!

Wurstkuche rabbit and bacon dog.

Wednesday night vodka shots with these NorCalers. You like these shot glasses? #GoLakers

One last goodbye to the NorCalers! Thanks for coming by. See you in March.

Friday night beer pong and Downtown Abbey.

Sunrises from the roof.

And lastly, some El Flamin' Taco after Zero Dark Thirty.

Chicken Cali Burrito. You're so good to me.

Dec 31: JAO 2013

Who throws 2 house parties in 3 nights? This guy. It's the 3rd annual JAO celebration! And I finally have my own place to host it this year. We had our usual midnight champagne toast, but added a little extra surprise for the ball drop. CONFETTI CANONS! It was an excellent turnout and we had an awesome party! Unfortunately, my camera is still out of commission, so we're stuck with a bunch of iPhone pictures. Thanks for coming out!

The final sunset of 2012

The final burger of 2012 (The Escondite)


3.....2....1.....! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


2nd wind of celebrations at 2am, courtesy of the Nokia Theater goers!