Friday, January 18, 2013

Dec 25: Merry Christmas!

It's a short but sweet post. Our parents didn't bother putting up too many Christmas decorations in the house this year because they along with several aunts and uncles would be trekking out to the Philippines for the 5-year anniversary of my grandfather passing away. Our parents even said not to worry about getting them presents. We of course didn't follow their directions. They didn't follow them either, and they actually got us cash for gifts! It's been a while, but its immensely appreciated!

My dad loved his new Angels beanie, sweater, and slacks.

"Now you have a nice sweater to wear out!"

And our mom loved her new pairs of Toms shoes. I haven't seen her this giddy in a while!

And what I really wanted for Christmas. An old fashioned Moreno brunch. Though I love living in LA, it's things like this that will always keep me coming back home. Merry Christmas!

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