Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aug 26: Lil Wayne @ The Verizon Amphitheater

Lil Wayne - She Will ft Drake

Ehhh... Sorry this was the worst concert experience in my life. It must have been a combination of things. I'd see Wayne again. And I'd go to the Verizon Amphitheater again. And I'd see a show with my high school friends again. Yet somehow, the combination of these 3 things resulted in a subpar night. Can't win em all.

Maybe I should have had some of this...

Way up high.


"I'm single..."

5 guys against 1. The one guy held his own though!


Ah the end of a mediocre night. Calling a tow truck at 1:30am.

"Worth it to see that!"

Nah, not so much...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aug 22-25: More Food

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Make It Last

I consider myself to be pretty lucky. I have great friends that love to hang out and enjoy great food, and I'm not gaining as much weight as I should be. The only thing hurting is my wallet. But a small cost for great memories, conversation, and new foods to try.

Carpooled with Maggie up to DTLA, and carpooled back. After a "long" (we left work early hah!) day of work, our appetites got the best of us and we went over to Gatten Revolving Sushi in Cerritos. I tried sweet shrimp and uni! $2 plates and $1.75 beers. Good shit. Then some milk tea from yet another new Guppies location.

Went up to LA after work to have dinner with Mikey Soh and Jenny Le. I remember when Jenny used to have a crush on Michael back in elementary school. Thanks for making me the third wheel... Westside Tavern in West LA for some shiitake mushroom/bacon/asparagus flat bread, cheeseburger (YES BURGER CRAWL 2011 IS STILL GOING! and this one is pretty up there), grilled cheese/tomato basil soup, and the best toffee cake I've ever had (topped with mascarpone cheese).


More to come later...

Spent the afternoon working out with Ligan (P90X Back/Biceps, Ab Ripper X) and cleaning up the Burbank house. More room for activities! We worked up quite the appetite, so we got food drinks at Lala's Argentine Grill and Laurel Tavern with Evita and Diana (followed by Alex aka The Count).

Lala's sangria is top shelf material.

Roomie toast! (Sorry Alex and Ryan.)

Bitburger non-alcoholic beer. Smells like ass, but has a decent taste.

Watching the Throne at Staples on December 12th!

Life changes. Friends don't!

Solo dolo at Mendocino Farms today. Pink Cobb salad (salmon, chicken, bacon). Bomb!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug 14-21

Don't like my week-long updates? Fuck you.

Wale - Fuck You

The week in review.

Nothing like pho to help you recover from PacFest.

Then up to Studio City for some sushi with the crew.

Starry Kitchen Taiwanese pork chop sandwich. Bomb. And the owner will definitely curse at you if it's your first time. #WhenKeepinItRealIsFunny

Since we had been eating out pretty often, Ligan and I decided to make dinner. We sent a GroupMe blast and to our surprise, we had a big turnout. Bowtie pasta, ground beef, marinara, salad, wine, cured hams, cheese, crackers. #BurbankFam

Gordon Biersch for a drink and garlic fries.

Attack the Block and dinner at Barney's. No pictures.

There's a weekly farmer's market outside my LA office on Fridays, and everyone raves about this.

It's really good, but not worth $10 when my dad makes it just as well.

Then back to Anaheim to chill and dogsit Bebe for the weekend.

(That was for the neighbor, not me. Hah.)

Dinner at Out of the Park Pizza with Cesar, Brian, and Eunice.
Sweet chili chicken, avocado, bacon, and ranch. The sweet chili sauce was a little too sweet for me.

Then later that night we hit up the new Pattern Bar in DTLA for Belle's post-GRE celebration. Chill music, no cover (as bars should be), and a decent selection of drinks.
Fresh fruit for your cocktail.

The Valentino and The Gaultier.


I wish I could blame Iris' drunkenness, but it wasn't it this time.

Thanks for coming out Eunice!

Spent the afternoon catching up with Susan who returned from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea.
Kickin' it.

Thanks for the super fobby shot glasses!

Closed out the weekend with Jeremy & Annie Pangan's new parakeet, Zico.

Surprisingly, Hobbs didn't try to eat the bird. Yet...

Yeah at the end of the week, I gained about 3lbs back. Whoops.