Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Aug 05: Perch Rooftop Bar

David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia

So in the previous episode of my life (yesterday), one of the conversations we had during happy hour was where we would go on Friday night. Sure the Standard is fun, but a 45-minute wait to pay for a $20-cover and $12/drink just so we could be hipsters on a roof just didn't have the same appeal like it did 2 years ago.

Well there's a new rooftop bar call Perch just a few blocks away. You wait at the bottom to take an elevator up to the 13th floor (and then another elevator to the 15th floor). There was a lot of grumbling going on in line because there's no hint of the line moving at all. When people were coming down from the roof, all we heard was "it's not worth it". A shorter wait time, no cover, and cheaper drinks; sounds like its more worth it than the Standard!

I liked the venue. It has a lot more areas to sit than the Standard, but maybe a few too many tables. The bar itself was nice, but the selection was a little slim and they had trouble staying stocked. They even ran out of bar napkins. But I won't hold it against them. I'd come back here.

As big of a group shot as we'll get.

I wanted a pic with B-Tang too!

Kes, your aim and timing was a little off...

The view is more wide open from this rooftop.

Team Tacos. We dipped out a little early.

Kike's $1 Tacos. If you get there early enough, they have bacon-wrapped hot dogs for $2.

Everyone loves the lengua and al pastor.


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Kermit Lukacs said...

I'm sorry about what you experienced on the rooftop. It's always best not to expect anything when going to a party and just let everything flow spontaneously. Anyway, at least everyone liked the lengua and al pastor.

Kermit Lukacs