Friday, July 31, 2009

P-Rod x Ice Cube - Today Was a Good Day (Nike SB Commercial)

A classic west coast song with a skateboard twist to it. Ice Cube and P-Rod? Dope.

Ice Cube still has the meanest mad dog expression in the game.

Re-Up: An extended version with the likes of Eric Koston (finally on Nike SB) and Kobe Bryant. SICK! (Via

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is a Story About Boy Meets Girl...

On Sunday I watched 500 Days of Summer with Stephen, Jason, and Bryan (no homo). It's still in the indie-type of availability, so we went to the theater near UC Irvine to watch.

Come on guys. Really?

A great story about love. I liked the underlying message in the end. Coincidence versus fate.

The main star is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He's been in two of my favorite movies (not top 10 or anything, just movies I liked when I was younger).
10 Things I Hate About You (Damn check out that cast! The late Heath, Julia Stiles, Gabrielle Union, and Alex Mack ftw.)

Angels in the Outfield (Yeah, that's the same guy.)

This is kinda cool. I went to the official website and you can make a similar movie poster with 15 of your own pictures. The negative is that they put all the other crap over it and you can barely see the pictures since it's slightly faded.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Social in West Hollywood

I was on a good roll for blogposts. Then Monday came around and I got lazy.

I had literally got back from San Diego on Saturday at 6:30pm. After a long shower, I laid out on my bed for a good 30 minutes to relax.

::phone rings::
Me: Sup baby...
Stephen: Hey you back?
Yeah. What's up?
Would you rather chill tonight? Or do you wanna go out?
Honestly, I'm f*cking exhausted from SD. A long night and a long day. I'd rather chill. What about you?
Oh... I've been studying all day. It'd be nice to go out!
Fine. I'm down...

I have no idea how I kept this up last summer. I'm about ready to retire from the party game.

We headed to Social in West Hollywood to meet up with some of the Burbank crew. In true cheap-o fashion, we pre-partied hard in the car and got there around 11:30.

Stephen, Cesar and I have been holding down Anaheim for a good while. With Stephen leaving for Harvard next week, it's about to end soon... Life changes. Friends don't.
::boos from the crowd::

Some of the homegirls from Burbank, Cerritos, Rowland, etc etc. You guys party hard.

Ces x Maggie.

Ran into our friend Neha from high school!

We were "racing" to finish our drinks. Stephen kinda screwed me over here. Thanks, FAKER.

Ces x Alex. Awwwwz. How about a real pose?


VIP of course.

Stephen x Alex.

That's pretty much all the pictures. Pretty sh*tty I know. Tired + Drunk = Very Little Pictures.

How will I save this blogpost... how about my tweets? No? Too bad haha.

10:16pm : Hitting up Social tonight in West Hollywood. Damn I'm tired! I can't keep up these days.

11:54pm : I am F*CKING drunk already. Waiting in line at Social. Another good night ahead. (And so it begins...)

12:02am : When ur tired, it's easier to get drunkkkk

12:42am : I should've...damn it. (lol at this one.)

12:54am : Sobriety is overrated. I can't wait to eat j-bos tonight!!!

1:14am : Yeeeeeuuuuupp!!

1:44am : @BrianObnoxious I'm missing ur warehouse sale I think :(. Loud & Obnoxious for life!!! (That was for you Brian. Check out L&O.)

1:44am : Eheheheheheheheheehhehehehehehehehehehehehheeh (2 tweets in 1 minute?)

2:31am : @jenn_bat hehehehehe hiyeeee (I always got love for my SF fam!)

2:32am : Driving home. For real, I'm good now. Don't believe me? Check in at 3:15 after I drop off some homegirls off.

I drove the girls (Emily, Eileen, Iris, and Francine) in Emily's car while Stephen and Cesar followed. We had to take the girls back to Cerritos. Unfortunately, the girls weren't exactly ready to leave... We needed food, pronto. Pitstop.

4:45am : @OnePeoplePrject @s0ulfreshhh @rufuku alright alright. We good. We chilled at Jack n the Box for an hour. Headin home now!! (DAMN CHECK THE TIME!!)

4:48am : During the rough times, sometimes it's best to count ur blessings and appreciate all that is good in ur life. Growth through experience. (What the emo??)

4:59am : I thought Eileen's little spray keychain was binaca. It was pepperspray. FML!!! (Seriously, that sh*t was game over for me. I was still recovering from the flu/cough and that didn't help at all.)

5:20 : I brought the newspaper in. It's too late. Gnite.

Wow. Probably my prettiest blogpost as far as text coloring goes at least.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Downtown SD Chillin'

I spent most of my Saturday chillin' with Jenn and catching up on our lives. "Life..." (Hahahaha so emo.) We went to Fashion Valley to do a little shopping and get some lunch.

Ohhhh sh*t.

Then we headed downtown to Blends and 5&A Dime. While driving, we were reminiscing about our times at Bumsville and how much we missed the spot. We stopped by just to check if anyone moved in.
(As we're pulling up) Jenn: "Yeah I drove by about 3 weeks ago and I don't think... OH NO!!"
Invaders at Bumsville. I'm pretty sure there were people in the living room at the time. I snapped a quick pic and peeled out.
Note: My Bumsville dedication post will come eventually!

We dropped by Blends to kick it with Mark and Edwin for a few and to also pick up this Jordan 1 pack. Thanks a lot Mark for the hookup! Happy belated birthday as well.

Then we kicked it with Jay, Darcy and Kris most of the afternoon at 5&A Dime. I love chillin' at the shop.

I whooped Jay's ass in Connect 4. Step up your game next time.

New shop logo tee colorways! (aka new free tees for me!)

Being hungry hungry hippos we got lunch AGAIN, this time at J.Wok.

Chicken satay sandwich.

Yellow curry chicken roll aka Asian chimichanga. SO GOOD!

A relaxing afternoon in SD.

SD Club Hoppin': Sway & 923

After the Twilight Movie Night, I continued my Friday night in San Diego with Julz's on-going birthweek celebration at Sway. Julz loves to spin at his own birthday parties. Wuttup Mark Marcelo!

By the way, has anyone seen Julz's recent Craigslist listing? I think a few "interested parties" were seen at Sway throughout the night. Who was the lucky wiener dude?

How was Sway? Crackin' of course.

Sparkly candles for the birthday boy!

Gaybaby Julz loves champagne.

Comic Con still held is deathgrip influence over San Diego. THIS IS SPARTA! (Coincidentally, I'm pretty sure someone used that quote that night.)

Thanks for the drink Damo! Can I have your apartment now?

The Padilla Bros. Gian will be off to Penn State soon. But not before Vegas!

Judy aka Blooldgang.

Are you making fun of my poses Cha?! Also, please excuse my vulgar facial expression.

Happy birthday homie. I told you I'd make it out!

A block away the Alphanumeric and Univ crew were hanging out at 923 for Study Guide and to see Kat and Allan before they left for NY. It was crackin' here too!! I was on a good buzz too.

Jeff and Matt Angel. "He's Criss Angel's cousin. He can make things disappear."

Damn I'm gonna miss these two. Congratulations Kat for getting into the Pratt Institute!

Wuttup Scott (OPP)! Thanks for updating my Facebook status, bastard.

Annabelle and Cam made a rare appearance too!

Mos def a homie. I'll be sure to hit you up if I'm ever in NY in the near future dude. Good luck out there.

Nick and.... sorry homie I forgot your girl's name. Fail. :(

I drank half of a mini pitcher of beer at the end of the night. Whoops.


Nice face. Annabelle is on the brink of crying here.

Nice face again! Miss ya babe. And NO I wasn't hitting on Cam. Ass!

It was still relatively early so a few of us were gonna go back to Sway to end the night. It turns out after Mark Marcelo's short set, the next DJ went straight into electro-techno and scared all the guests out. So some of them ended up chillin' outside 923. The Mighty Kevin. Why are you holding your license out?


And my favorite old 5&A Dime intern Francine. I swear we'll chill in K-Town someday!

Who's this? ::shrugs::

Big Gee.

Keepin' it OG with some of the original 5&A Dime crew. Me, Gee, and Brandeezy still run things.

Afterwards I crashed over at the Padilla house (thanks Guil and Gian) for the night. Not before we hit up Santanas though. Where was everyone else though?

Oh baby!

Ummmm... this is a panini, not a ham torta! Where's the guacamole and lettuce!? Fail.

Thanks for the love and good times SD.