Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twilight Move Night @ 5&A Dime

On Friday I headed down to San Diego to kick it with the homies at 5&A Dime, celebrate Julz's birthday, and see Allan and Kat off before they left for New York.

Sorry. I don't have any Comic Con coverage.

5&A Dime, Hellz Bellz, and WTForks hosted a little movie night in the alley to watch the first Twilight movie. I didn't watch most of it, but caught a few scenes. I can sorta see the appeal to the young female crowd. There was a badass scene where the main guy (don't know or care about his name) saves the girl from some creepy guys in a dark alley and pulls up in his car and almost hits the guys. But major fail on the fact that he didn't hit them nor fight them. Maybe I missed all the cool fight scenes.

Here are some of the goods that were being raffled off. I wonder how that Jones Soda flavored "Blood" tastes.

Hellz x 5&A Dime x WTForks

Resident Mindzalike/5&A Dime DJ EdROC and Noriza of FYS.

Lanie (Hellz) aka WTFangs.


I didn't really care for the Twilight viewing. I got a quick bite to eat with Judy, Klev, and Girard at J.Wok.

What the f*ck is "bloold"?!?!? Or is it "bbdd"? Fail.

The service was super slow that night. It took 30 minutes to get eggrolls. Weak.

Finally the food comes out. Twitpickin'. TWATTER NERDS!

This would look cool on a tee.

We came back to the alley around 9 to find that they JUST STARTED the movie. Laggers. (Pic courtesy of Brandon.)

The movie was kinda slow. We decided to get our pre-party on before Sway instead.

Red velvet bloodcakes.

Jay Dread and Stack Aly. Homies Forever.

Homies kickin' it on the curb.

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