Thursday, July 23, 2009

muffin thyme (via KaYoTiK)

Stealing this from my brother's blog.

the second word in the title isn't a pun. i just like to miss spell things.

diana and laura came over to make muffins in our oven. because diana's parents wouldn't let her do it at her house. she's so weird.

ignore the betty crocker box. the blueberries make these 100% homemade. canned blueberries i might add.

Diana had a second part the dessert - chocolate covered strawberries. her job was to melt the chocolate...with our microwave. yet she still failed. (degrassi in the background! what what!!)

at least these came out nice.

so fluffy inside.

strawblurry toppings.

....might as well turn this into a food blog....


Sawyer said...

damn, those are some beautiful pictures! are those nerds?

jomo said...

nerds? yeeeeuuuupppp!