Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 26: Red & Green Holiday Party

That's a pretty weak title. Suggestions for new titles will be considered.

After I had some friends over at the house and kicked them out at 8, Neeraj, Stephen, Michael and I went up to LA and met up with some other friends for a little house-warming/holiday party.

Marian made these sugar-free "green" velvet cupcakes. They weren't that bad guys.

Lil and Mike finally making amends, over a t-shirt. Dumb.

Stephen doing his best Biggie impression from Mo' Money, Mo' Problems.

"V" for "Victory" Jasmine? Nope, #2. That's jacked up B.

"Hey Jomo, we'll give you $40 if you do a suicide."
It's been a while since I've done this. So my main concern was whether or not I still could get the height in my hop to make it all the way around. I mean, there was a chance that I could break my neck and do some serious damage. But for $40 bucks? I'm in it to win it!

Here I go!

Success. I didn't die. Just a minor bruise on my lower back. I swear it doesn't hurt!

Fun! (Substitute for "crackin'")

A throwback to that moment at Hephatha. Where's Brian Park to ease the tension?

What's wrong buddy? Did you lose a baby during your volunteer shift at Kaiser?

My new friend Leilani! You better invite me to your next family party.

Awesome place Ray! Thanks for having us over.

Seriously, what is your deal sometimes Steve?

Mar x Lil, 2/3rds of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and ONBC. (NBC > ONBC)

Neej x Stephen x Ray x me x Bruce x Jasmine x Michael, aka the homies.

Typical wasting of time outside. We're trying to figure out where to eat.

Hell yes.

And my night is complete.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DJ Hero & Brownkies

I really wanna take the time to thank Brian for getting me DJ Hero! I'm loving the blends for the game and wish I had more time to just play! Over the past few days, the house hasn't felt so empty. I've been having people over to hang out and play since the parental units are out of town.

On Christmas, Eunice was pretty bored and came over to play a bit.
DJ U-Nice on the ones

The next day we had Stephen aka Slim Shoobee give it a try.

And Grandmaster Aesh had her turn as well. (And yes you have to wear the 5&A Dime hat when you DJ in this house.)

Aeshna was in town for a few days. I'm glad we got to hang out! I'd like to also thank you for the Brownkies (the lovechild of brownie mix and cookie dough; a better name than "Coonies").

Everyone loved these magical morsels of heaven.

Helen x Neeraj x Aeshna x me x Michael

Pooja x Helen x Aeshna x Stephen x me x Arine

I'm picking up my parents from the airport tomorrow and winter break is almost over for all you in school. Looks like good times are coming to an close. Thanks for coming over to hang out!

Dec 26: Basketball & Yen Chings

My friend Mikey Soh gathered a few people together to play some basketball at our old high school. I sincerely thank you for dragging me out of bed to get some exercise. After being winded from the first 2-on-2 game, I sat out and took a few pictures.

Neej takin' it to the cup.

Clarebear strong to the hoop.

Stephen floating like a butterfly.

Make it rain.

Sausage train?

Michael was the true winner though. When we had 7, he won Lightning 3 times in a row and was in the finals for every set. What a big strong (weak) heart you have Mikey. Too bad it looks like Clarence Mutombo packed you though. Nice poster face.

After shooting around, Stephen and I got lunch with our friends Bruce, Jasmine, and Arine at Yen Chings. Bruce would have played some basketball with us, but he sprained his ankle earlier in the week. This is some NJB sh*t.

You guys think you're gonna get sponsored by Spaulding or Nike with your matching Kobe 4s. But I think this is a better ad for Jergens lotion. Arthur Ashy.

Yen Chings wasn't up to par as the last visit. And we spent so much damn money. I'm not sure if I'll come back here for a while. Sorry B. The waitress hated us too! But gave us free wontons and rice? That doesn't make any sense. They must have poisoned it.

Even the foil-wrapped chicken wasn't that great this time.

Braised beef looked like poo.

House chicken. The sweet and sour chicken was better, but we ate it all before I took a picture.

Highlight of the meal was Bruce's fortune. Do you know what a REAL patriot is?

Take that Michael Soh!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Presents! / What One's Wearing: Gucci Dunk Highs

Christmas Day. I woke up with a slight hangover from the night before. One hour later I was ready to make some brunch for myself and Brian aka Kayotik. Some traditions must carry on! Fried rice, scrambled eggs, mini sausage links, and bacon. I forgot how hard it is to cook bacon. (I'm stealing your pictures bro whenever I get the chance. Deal with it!)

After brunch we also carried on the other tradition of opening presents. Here's our lovely tree and our opened gifts!

A rundown of my gifts!
-from my parents: Nautica bathrobe (I love robes) and and Express giftcard
-from my Secret Santa, Jonathan aka Mizoner: a Christmas card, a v-neck, and 2 dress shirts from Uniqlo in New York (THANKS MIZ!)
-from my brother: DJ Hero for PS3 (Thanks bro. More pictures of some DJ action later)
I got my brother a Blu-Ray player and some Blu-Ray DVDs. The rest of the stuff is from his Secret Santa and our gifts from our family party. A very nice set of gifts I'd say, especially all the Google paraphernalia via Mark. Thank you everyone!

And since I didn't get myself the Retro Jordan 11 Space Jams, I got these instead: Generic Surplus Suede Mohawks. They look like Visvims, but at 1/4th the price. Winner. Click the image to see the shoes with flash.

My brother also gave me my birthday gift a little early since it's appropriate for this time of the season: a red flannel shirt from Uniqlo. I was wearing this all weekend.

And my choice sneakers for the weekend were the Gucci Dunk highs with white lacelocks. 'Tis the season.