Friday, December 04, 2009

Black Mamba is Back

Honestly, I'm just waiting for a good quality highlight reel of that Kobe buzzer-beater over D-Wade, but nothing's coming up yet. This will have to do until I update...

Maybe I should have added this to the "Today in Sports" post.

EDIT: Here's an HD video of Kobe's amazing shot. This is top 5 material of all-time Laker moments in my lifetime.

Don't forget Fisher's 3-ball to bring the Lakers within 1. And also Wade's missed free-throw thereafter.


Win. 15-3.

Kobe admitted that it was luck, but in that moment, anyone would take luck over a loss.

Pictures via and Getty Images.


EagleEye2002 said...

Are you kidding me? Top 5? It was good, but super lucky. Fish probably has five better moments on his own. And saying top five kinda diminishes all the other amazing Lakers moments in the past. Maybe top 25....maybe.

Shaq to Kobe alleyoop in game seven in 2000 WCF.
Kobe over Jason Kidd in 2000 Conference for SemiFinals for the win.
Robert Horry in Game four of 2002 WCF.
Lakers overtime victory of the Kings in Game seven of the 2002 WCF.
DFish in this last NBA Finals, I think it was Game 4, with the two threes.
Robert Horry from the corner against Portland in the 2004 WCF, ftw.
2000 Season, Lakers come back and score 6 points in 5 seconds and win after kobe hits a three, glen rice makes one free throw, misses the second on purpose and Kobe tips in in.
Derek Fishers = .4 seconds
Nick Van Exel had a couple amazing buzzer beaters in the early 90s.
1993 last game of the season, Elden Campbell hit two clutch free throws that game the lakers the win and sent them to the playoffs.
Cedric Ceballos scores 50 in 1993.
Kobe goes for 81.
Kobe in 2006 playoffs against the Suns Game 4 scores and send in into overtime.
Kobe hits a buzzer beater in overtime.
Shaq scores 60 on is 28th birthday.
Just to name a few...

Haha. Good post, but I will expect a "touche" from you soon.

Unknown said...

more of an explanation. i meant game-winning shots.

and i don't have the memory bank you do. so despite some of those examples that don't fit my idea of game-winners, you named a few i've forgotten. so touché

EagleEye2002 said...

The blog is back baby!

EagleEye2002 said...

During a down week in your life, I am definitely expecting an epic Degrassi post. I will provide many comments.

Unknown said...

thanks for the idea. i just might have to sad to say. its a guilty pleasure.