Saturday, January 31, 2009

What One's Wearing x Jammy Jam: Supreme Delta Forces x Renaissance Rap (Remix)

Yesterday I got dinner with some coworkers and said farwell to Jake who would be going back to school for international studies. Good luck man. (Sorry no pictures.)
Afterwards I played some 2-on-2 ball with Bruce, Stephen, and Bryan. I knew I was the weakest player, especially because I haven't done any real exercising in a while. But now it's time to get back on my sh*t! (Sorry no pictures.)

Sneaker day at work yesterday!

Q-Tip ft Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, & Lil Wayne - Renaissance Rap (Remix)
Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes is like old school Scenario sh*t. Raekwon is automatic and Wayne holds his own on a chill track. Courtesy of 2dopeboyz.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Coraline Dunk Highs For Sale! (Ebay)

I'm helping the homies of 5&A Dime sell this rare pair of Coraline Nike Dunks.

This pair of 1 of 100, and was never released to the public. This pair features the oversized button lace accessory.
The efforts of hundreds of talented people have come together to create this incredible gift for you and a very select few to celebrate Laika's first full-length animated film, Coraline. The Coraline Nike Dunks would not be possible without Neil Gaiman's story of an alternate world; the vision of Henry Selick, the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas; the generosity of Phil Knight; and the inspiration of you and your work. True to the film's unique, handcrafted style, the high-end canvas upper features a turned edge and the back visible seam is hand-sewn, ensuring each pair has a unique, bespoke feel. The tonal contrast in materials and subtle, hiddent details--not to mention the glow-in-the-dark sole--reflect the film's sense of curiosity. The oversized buttons were designed by Henry Selick, and only exist on 100 pairs. The same artists who worked on the movie created the relics for these unique boxes.

If you know anyone interested direct him/her to the listing: MY EBAY AUCTION

If these were a 9/9.5 they'd be mine.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What One's Wearing: Nike Dunk SB Futuras

My beater pair.

After work today I dropped by the new home of Stephen's (and I think Jason still) non-profit organization, Learn to Be. It's a work in progress.

The offices are on the second floor of Teco Diagnostics. Look at all this free room! A lot of potential here: dance studio, jiu jitsu dojo, boxing gym, indoor minigolf...

They did manage to bring this over from the house though. We'll be playing here more often.

The Office.

Some brainstorming pads for Learn to Be ideas.

What the f**k is this?? Learn to Be hip??

Bryan going through some resumes for some internships for the org.

And Cesar just counting his cash. Nice haircut dude! It smells really good... (What?)

We ended the night with dinner at a carnaceria in Placentia. This place was pretty Mexican.

So was the food. This sh*t was good.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Miss You Papang

One year ago you left us. I know you're looking down on your grandchildren, and I hope you're proud of the legacy you have left behind. You'll always be in our hearts and prayers Lolo.

Clae & Ubiq 2009

Atmos x Ubiq eL "Checker"
Ever since I got my first pair of Ubiqs, I've been hooked on this shoe. A slip-on that features a unique ankle strap and a very comfortable memory-foamlike rubber insole. This set features a suede toebox and checker patterned body. Seen on Hypebeast.

New Clae Cousteau Spring '09
I've always liked this brand for its clean lines and its unique use of materials (not patterns) on different panels of their models. The canvas Clae Cousteaus are slated to be released later this year. Seen on

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If You Really Want It

I would have posted a recap of the game against the Bobcats, but they lost. Boo.

This will have to do then.

Push past pain. Learn from defeat. Feed everything to the fire.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jammy Jamz: The Remix

Download links and images are courtesy of Apologies if any of the links are broken.

Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain - Blame It (Remix)
Freeway Version
Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne Version
Young Jeezy Version
Kardinall Offishall Version
There is an extended 9-minute version out there with Noreaga, Busta, Yung Joc, Freeway, and Wayne as well, but that link is broken.
(This track is for you Toe-Knee. Garcelle Beauvais is for me haha.)

Santogold ft Drake & Lil Wayne - Unstoppable (Remix)
Posted purely for the Drake verse.

Naledge - Drop (Freestyle)
Mr. Go Ill on a Polow Da Don beat for Rich Boy.

Bobby Valentino ft Ludacris, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne - Beep (Remix)
Lil Kim sounds pretty good on this track. Cris is always dope.

Chester French ft Shawn Chrystopher - She Loves Everybody (Remix)
A little late on this one.

Jay-Z - My President is Black (Remix)
Jay drops a nice verse about Barack.

Alphanumeric Party: Onyx/Thin Part 2

Another Agenda/ASR party at Onyx and Thin. Surprisingly, this night was even more fun than the previous despite being the same club with most of the same cast and crew. And I definitely refrained from having as many drinks as the last night as well.

The color of the night: red! Kimtan and Alvin brought over a case of Red Stripe for preparty.

Alvin and I now have some artwork up in Bumsville.

Throw your diamonds in the sky.

Annabelle and Jenn getting ready for the night.

Jelly and Irish.

Coincidentally, we were all rocking red that night. Me, Jelly, Kimtan, Sheryl, Alvin, Erwin. Bloooodin.

The first half of the night was mostly downstairs in Onyx.

Earlier that day I just realized that Sheryl is actually one of my old family friends from way back. We used to see each other at the family parties when we were kids, but since we both sorta stopped going to them since high school, I didn't recognize her until she brought it up. REUNITED FAMILY!!


Jenn rockin' her new Dime Piece hoodie and ring. Lookin' good!

Alyasha (Alphanumeric/Fiberops) spinning some good stuff downstairs. This guy is a legend.

Kimtan & Alvin.

Gian, Mark & Suzie. Thanks for the drink Mark!

Jay (5&A Dime). His buddy Rino from the Beat Freaks was rockin' a 5&A Dime tee on ABDC last week!



Terry is confused.

Toe-Knee rockin' some new Alphanumeric. Stain not included. I don't remember what you were saying so I'll just put some words in your mouth.
"I'm pointing at my big dick." -TK

The second half of the night was in the VIP in Thin upstairs.

WUTTUP PETER! (SD Outsiders)

Red all night.

Julie and Terry.

Terry looks like she's gonna barf. Julie doesn't smell!

4 words describe this girl: Little Ball of Energy. Be sure to check her Tumblr blog! (And her food blog too?)


I know Julie's gonna love this picture. You're welcome haha.

Julie and Chris gettin down.



My dance partner Rosemarie. We cut it up!

Alvin, Edwin, and Erwin having a freestyle session.

Alvin and Julz cuttin' it up.

The end of the night.

Late night food trip. My car was the designated "Mexican Car". We made a trip to Adelbertos.

Kimtan Bui. That's so Vietnamese dude.

Jenn had 20 minutes to think of what she wanted when we waited at the drive-thru. When it was our turn to order, she asked what was good (LAGGER!). Of course the standards are rolled tacos, carne asada fries, and california burritos. I give them the rest of everyone's order and then we wait on Jenn. She blurts out "HAM TORTA!". WHAT THE F*CK DUDE!? Who does that? Tortas are good, but that definitely doesn't come to mind when I think of late night mexican food. Especially ham. How about a ham sandwich? OH WAIT THAT'S WHAT IT IS. I'm just kidding dude. But damn, that was hilarious.

We ended up at Bumsville along with 40-something other people. That's just way too much. I was sitting outside in the rain for a minute for some peace and quiet. Food at 3am always hits the spot. Pic stolen from TK's flickr.

Mikey also posted a lot of high-quality pictures from the whole weekend on his flickr. Be sure to check them out. TK's pictures are here.

So despite what should have been a clothing industry cockfest, the weekend was a blast. See ya'll next time.