Saturday, January 24, 2009

Diamond x DVS Agenda/ASR Party

It's been a while since I've been to San Diego. I drove down last night for some Agenda/ASR festivities for the weekend. Last night, Victory Nightlife was hosting the Diamond x DVS party at Onyx/Thin and also celebrating Nick Diamond's birthday. We got there early to get free vodka from 9pm-10pm. Yay.

Vince and Josie.

Tristan just got off a flight with Courtney Cox and Toccara Jones. I'm hoping he can hook me up with a ticket to San Francisco next month.

One-half of TAA: Guil and Bin.

Big Gee and Josie.



Bam (Hellz Bellz).

Julz (Mindzalike/Star Trak), Gee (5&A Dime), Flo (5&A Dime).

Thin was poppin.

Pacific Division giving a hell of a performance.

Lanie (Hellz Bellz). Make a guys line already!

Nick (Diamond Supply Co). Happy birthday dude.

The rest of the night we were in Onyx downstairs. The other short dudes: Alvin (Willy's), Fatch (Willy's), Edwin (Blends/Segue Mag).



Annabelle (Bumsville).

Welcome back from Egypt!

Annabelle looks like shes gonna spit in Alvin's mouth. Kinky!

This picture is more for the BACKground. Dayum.


Terry, Sheryl, Fatch, Annabelle, Jenny. Ladies love Mr. Mira Mesa.

Jenn, Annabelle, Terry, Mark.

Onyx was CRACKIN.

The afterparty spot: Bumsville. There were probably 25 dudes in this tiny house. Just like old times.

Poor Trishan.

Passing out at Bumsville.

Same shit, different party later tonight.

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