Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 19: Food and More Food

I guess I'll really get on track after today.

Kobe IV Carpe Diems. Seize the day!

Yesterday for lunch I got lunch with Cesar and James at 369 Shanghai Place. Everyone seems to be growing out their hair these days. Should I?

I'm forgetting the names of all these dishes. But they were all very good. Thanks Vic for helping us order the food over the phone!

James kept on spilling the beef noodle soup all over everyone. YOU FAIL AT CHOPSTICKS JAMES.

A feast worthy of kings.

And for dinner, Bruce invited a few of us over to watch Kobe and the Lakers take on Lebron and the Cavaliers. Brian picked up some Little Caesar's Pizza on the way home from work. $5 each!

Brian also picked up some Pepsi Cola products from work. These are straight from the manufacturing line in Buena Park. FRESH-MADE PEPSI TASTES SO GOOD!

Bryan, Jasmine, Bruce.

Stephen, Brian, Cesar, Tunde. Tunde could star in a Pepsi commercial. I hate that new logo btw..


And you know my Lakers gave me the best birthday present of all. A win!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I'm not one to make a big deal, but I do appreciate the love. To 2009 and another year!

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Anonymous said...

Yo. No offense but this blog is losing a lot of its fervor. Booooring.