Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov 28-What One's Eating: El Cantarito

The plumping weekend continues with a lunch trip to Stephen's favorite spot for carnitas: El Cantarito in Old Town Placentia. To be honest, the carnitas is pretty good, but not much compared to what Cesar has brought before or to the stuff in San Diego. But it's his choice since he's the guy visiting for the holidays. Brian in the clutch with the pictures all weekend. (Click images to enlarge.)

Bruce, Brimo, Steph.

Fresca tortilla chips. Muy delicioso.

Jarritos Soda de Naranja. Hecho de Mexico.

Plato de Carnitas.

Chimichanga de Pollo.

Torta de Carnitas.

¿Como es mi Español?

Google Wave (5.5-Minute Video Demo)

So I finally got myself a Google Wave invite via my brother. Contrary to my male instincts to just explore it on my own, I watched the 80-minute demo from Google I/O. A wave is basically a "hosted conversation" that allows anyone to contribute to it. I must say, I'm very impressed with some of the features:
-Real-time updates to "waves"
-Ability to edit and respond to any part of a "wave"
-Drag-and-Drop files/pictures
-Embedding video links
-The "Playback" feature that allows a participant to see the progress of the "wave"
-"Extensions" or applications that run within Google Wave for several purposes

You can also check out this guide via Mashable.

Nov 27: Black Friday

No shopping for me. I ran some errands in the morning/afternoon, ate Thanksgiving leftovers while watching Notorious, and took a nice nap. Later that night, we had a gathering at Cesar's palaceplace to celebrate some November birthdays (Stephen, Jasmine, Michael). We kicked it outside in the BBQ hut despite the periods of drizzle. Thanks for the pictures Brimo.

Cheers guys.

Oh another engagement! Guess who...

Taraneh! (Not like you really get to see her on this blog very often anyway...)

Class of '04 reunited: Brian x Jessica.

Korean popstar? Fast & Furious movie star? Communist general? Nah, just Michael.

Are you nervous?

Daniel getting his Mariah Carey on (Always Be My Baby).

A few too many drinks later, Jason, Clarence, Stephen and I went on a food run. Since going to Harvard, Stephen has dropped 15 pounds and felt that he could eat anything. I wasn't the only one who had a lot to drink.

First stop: Jack in the Box.

Second stop: Ms. Donuts.

Last stop: Del Taco.

Fun with food.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wapakman! (Trailer)

A movie trailer for a movie with Manny Pacquiao. Is there anything that he CAN'T do?! Nope.

Spotted over at Alvinisms.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov 26: Thanksgiving Dinner

Nothing too big or fancy this year. We just had some local family over for a traditional American/Filipino Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potato, stuffing, gravy, lumpia, salad, and pancit; all of my favorites.


We watched a replay of the Pacquiao/Cotto fight. I love how homeboy is always smiling until he gets in the ring.

Love my family. Thank you.

Nov 26: Turkey Bowl 2009

Every Thanksgiving, friends from high school that have moved away from home come back to Anaheim to be with family. We like to take advantage of this and had our annual Turkey Bowl at Peralta Park. A little less of a turnout compared to last year, but it was still a good time. (Damn my pictures have definitely improved as well. Thanks for snapping pictures Brian.)

Jen brought along the doggiebears for a nice day at the park.

Nothing like a pre-game donut to get you PUMPED! Thanks Jasmine.

Gametime. We played with 3 first-down markers, 3 downs per cone, no blitzes, no runs, and 7 alligators, first to 30+ points. I like these settings.

Clarence gets Devon Hester'd. Check out the contact too. Who invented sex?

Tony Jomo. (Thanks Evan Stone.)

::whistles:: Offsides: offense.

Thanks Stephen, but you should pay attention. I think Justin's about to knock you out.

Final score: Yellows 27, Reds 34.

Good game everyone.

My groin is still sore...