Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I'm eating too much these days. Food is a gift and a curse. Our family went to the local Wood Ranch to celebrate my mom's birthday. We ran into the Pangan parents as well so they joined us!

What One's Wearing: Lakai Skate Fairys and Atmos x Ubiq Els.

Guess what I'm doing...

Left to right: my Lola, mom, dad, Tito Bong, Ninang Razel, Kayotik.

Peach lemonade x strawberry lemonade. I make it better.

Half-rack of babyback ribs, half bbq chicken, and loaded mashed potatoes.

Tri-tip sandwich con papas fritas.

About 25 years ago, our parents probably discussed what to name me and Jennifer.

Speaking of, look who made it afterall!

"OHH RETAKE IT! I'm all shiny and sweaty." Too late.

Happy birthday Mom!!!!

Take 1.

Take 2.

And cut.

Kobe's (On-Going) Legacy in Laker History

More thievery on my part from Rufuku's tumblr.
What separates the Laker organization from the other organizations is, when you look at the numbers that have retired, they're not just Laker greats. They're all-time greats.

The city of Los Angeles is use to winning basketball you know. The pride that comes along with that is instilled in us.

-Kobe Bryant

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What One's Eating: 50/50 Slater's

On Sunday I had lunch with Bruce and Brian at the new burger spot by our house. It was my 3rd trip in 2 weeks since they have 50% off appetizers during happy hour, and they also have the NFL Red Zone package so we can catch most of the games on Sundays. It's also 2 miles away which is a major plus.

Here's their signature vampire dip. I'm not sure of the name, but its basically a cheese, garlic, and butter spread served with pita chips and bread. F**king good son.

Some of the burgers.

They give you tons of your topping. A little OD on the roasted red peppers.

They also combine some appetizers on the same plate for a special deal. A plate of sweet potato fries and fried onion strings: $4.95. HELLO!

Bruce's Atlanta Falcons lost to the Patriots. Brian lost to the food. You look like you're gonna die dude.

What One's Wearing: Supreme Checkered Half Cabs

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept 26: Let's Eat!

I spent my Saturday with my family all day which was a nice change of pace. With my mom's birthday coming up this week we had breakfast and dinner together.

Scrambled eggs, spam, fried rice, and pancakes. It works, and it's damn good son.

Man we've lived in this house for almost 20 years! Growing up our mom usually worked nights, so we can't say we had a lot of family dinners. Family brunch on the other hand was done just about every Sunday.

After after Saturday Vigil Mass, we wanted to get dinner. I was checking my Twitter page and found out one of the Kogi BBQ trucks was in town. I thought it would be pretty cool to take my parents here since they're always trying to be cool and all. Too bad the line was so long.

The hunt for food.

We ended up at Ma's Islamic which is Halal-prepared Chinese food.

The service was pretty good, but slow at times. The food though was excellent and it came out in about 10 minutes!

We ordered green onion pancakes, cashew shrimp, and 3-flavored (beef, chicken, shrimp) fried rice to start off.

3-flavored pan-fried noodles.

Orange beef.

Whoops. No closing picture.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Diggin' the Crates on YouTube: Kutiman's Thru-YOU Project

I was browsing through Sweet and Tengy's tumblr and came across a video by Kutiman. If you're the type of hip-hop fan that can appreciate the complexity of layering various sounds in beats, you can appreciate this. This dude went through YouTube for instrument and vocal samples and put a few of them together into full length tracks. Pretty damn insane.

You can check his website HERE.

The drums and the "buzuki" (guitar/lute thing) in this one are awesome.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where Have I Been...

So about 3 weeks ago my brother and I picked up this lovely console system. I've been playing a lot of Fight Night 4 and Arkham Asylum. Sorry readers... September has been a relatively chill but slow month. I'll come out to play again soon...

Apparently there are at least 50-60 of you hitting the site daily despite the lack of updates. I hope you're checking out my friends' blogs while you're here.

I haven't been a complete hermit. Last Saturday my coworker Blake celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day and had a little house party at his house.

PiƱatas are fun for everyone.

And earlier this week I went to happy hour at Slater's 50/50 with Ryan, Mike Mong, and Christine to celebrate Guinness Day.

A video chat session with some SD folks + Cesar. This was a pretty legit video conference website.

And more sneaker days at work. Atmos AM1s and DMP AJ1s.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Throwback Picture: x SD Meet-Up 2006

Here is a group shot of the first meet-up held at Hooters in Mission Valley (San Diego) back in March 2006. The only person you may know is Redmond, but he's covering his face.

I never thought that this would lead to a great network of sneaker collectors locally and across the world. is coming up on 5 years in April 2010. Always reppin!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What One's Eating: Zito's Pizza

Yesterday I had a half-day at work because I had scheduled a routine eye-exam in the afternoon. With some time off, I had a chance to grab some lunch with Lynn, Jasmine, Bruce, and Cesar at the local Zito's Pizza.

Jasmine had won this $25 certificate at the Learn To Be benefit dinner but never got around to using it, primarily because she and Bruce never could justify spending $25 in a single meal at this spot. The 5 of us total ended up racking a bill up to almost $45.00, but 4 of us ended up paying $5 each for 2 sodas, a large pizza, medium pizza, and garlic knots. Sweet deal.

This spot is right next to our high school. We came here a few times back in the day when it was Rudy's Pizza. Memories.

Keep your hands clean yo.

B & J. (Unintentional sexual reference to your initials. My apologies.)

Pepperoni! Delicious, but really greasy. Definitely a dabber. (Click to enlarge.)

BBQ Chicken. Also very good.

Garlic knots drenched in garlic, oil, and butter. Dusted with parmesan cheese and cornmeal.

Final verdict: the food was good but kind of pricey. Unfortunately for us, the next day was when they were going to introduce a completely brand new menu. We missed out. =\

Ended the meal with some Rite-Aid ice cream next door. I just noticed that they still have it as "Thrifty's" inside. This was home to many happy summerdays back in our childhood. I'm glad it's still here.

My favorite: Cookies & Cream. These used to be $0.69 a scoop! Their prices were as jacked up to $1.39 a scoop. Right now: $0.99 a scoop. Nice.