Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 18: Bruce and Jasmine's Engagement Party

Cee-Lo Green - Bridges (Prod. by The Neptunes)

This was so much fun. I think my friends should have engagement parties more often.

Bruce and Jasmine got engaged in late April, and had their engagement party a few weeks ago at Bruce's parents' house. They recently completed their backyard renovations just in time for the party. The pool, cabana, and bar all at our tips. Food was also catered with fresh-to-order Mexican food (including some delicious fried potato tacos), and a cupcake cake courtesy of Jasmine's cousin. To top it all off, there was enough alcohol to last a whole week. With a bunch of locals carpooling together, you can imagine how much everyone had to drink... (a lot.)

I've known these two since middle school and their soon-to-be marriage will mean a lot to me. I'll leave the emotional post for the actual wedding (scheduled sometime next summer). But just for the record, Jasmine said her favorite dance date in high school was me! #winning! (TAKE THAT STEPHEN, FERNANDO, and MARC!)

Picutres via an aspiring wedding photographer.

June 18: Santa Monica & Iris' Bar Crawl

Wale - I'm On One (Freestyle)

So lazy on these updates...

Last Two Saturdays ago Brian and I roamed the streets of Santa Monica for a little shopping and the first leg of Iris's bar crawl celebration. I wish we got to stay for more of the afternoon, but we had other... engagements to attend.

Proud owner of some new shoes from Undefeated SM.

Electric Avenue!

(In case you don't get the reference...)

And look an electric (zebra) car!

On to The Brig. I somehow agreed to cover 2 spots for flipcup.

My body was shaking after the first game. No bueno after the previous night.

Pictures via kAyOtIk.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 17: R Bar

Ratatat - El Pico

We had a little celebration for Alex's birthday in K-Town. Some of his homies from the Bay were in town for the weekend as well. After some AYCE BBQ at LA Family House we headed down the street to R Bar.

A quaint little bar with a hole-in-the-wall vibe from the outside. From the inside, maroon walls, dim lights, and wood finishes for days. A great spot to enjoy a drink and conversation. All you need to get in are a valid ID and a password (available on their twitter page). The weekend continues.

Congrats on the promotion and happy birthday Alex!

It feels like I'm in the hull of a pirate ship.

A James Y. sandwich.

A JUKEBOX! I want one now.

"ID... Okay now what's the password?"

Kelley regulating. Why didn't you just check your smartphone hipster guy?

Shuckin' and jivin'.

Friday, June 24, 2011

June 16: Seven Grand x El Taurino

Mayer Hawthorne - Don't Turn The Lights On (Chromeo Cover)

This past weekend was some kind of blur involving a lot of different groups of friends and a lot of whiskey drinking. And this was following the previous weekend of over-consuming alcohol as well. It's time to chill out. But I still love how I spend my weekends.

Thursday night was an outing with the ol UCSD/Camp Snoopy crew over at Seven Grand in DTLA. If there was one thing specifically learned, it's that you're not allowed to wear shorts here. We had to walk over the Bryan's place down the street to pick up some jeans for David aka Noobert who came in cargos. You got lucky noob. I tried a few different drinks, but the Penicillin and Old Fashioned were fresh.

Old Fashioned (RECIPE).

The boys + Cathy.

New handshakes! Snail me baby.

TAFfers in the house too! Happy birthday Alex. Good seeing ya.

Act 2: The Booty

Considering that I had work in the morning, I probably should have left by this time. But with latecomers trickling in (what's with you Troy/April 3rd babies?), I stuck around for another.

4th meal @ El Taurino.

Al pastor. That's some spicy salsa.

A bloody murder scene.

Good times guys!