Monday, June 20, 2011

June 11: The Office


Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

Another long overdue visit to San Diego. Chilling at the shops. Chopping it up with friends. And of course the Mindzalike/Combover weekly residency at The Office. I drank a little bit more than I should of considering the amount I had the night before. But tonight was the birth of DJ 8-count (thanks Julz) aka DJ OC Haircut (thanks Damo).

Papa Bear Edric comin' through with the first shot of the night.

A Fireball shot. Tastes just like the candy!

Some of the regulars.

Some of the not-so-regulars.

I think I drank more this night than I did in Culver City.

The usual (random) crowd.

Yeah f*ck vodka!


You motherf*cker!

Sorry no requests Darwin!

Another fireball...HADOUKEN!

Ah one of my favorite photobomb opportunities. (See HERE)

Sets up.

Lights on.

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