Sunday, June 12, 2011

May 30: Memorious Day (via KaYoTiK)

Recycled Drake verses > Marvin's Room

Rebstar - Good Life ft. Drake & Rock City

I should be able to catch up before the weekend begins.

After two days of celebrating the union of Pooja and Suraj, Memorial Day comes around to extend the weekend. Not much was really planned ahead of time since half of the group was out of town. But we were able to get in some driving range action, a movie, photoshoot, and a second trip to $10 AYCE BBQ.

Post via KaYoTiK.

3 day weekend!!!...made use of the last day off by sleeping in till noon, gathering any remaining troops who weren't out of town or working, and hitting LA for a random afternoon.

found the local fast4furious driving range and smacked some balls
after they taught me proper form, found out i was pretty darn good for a newbie (this isn't me)

unfortunately my camera settings were completely messed up and i didn't get many usable pics

headed to the arclight afterwards to watch the second hangover...meh.

then over to anson's for our weekly photoshoot/hangout/AYCE KBBQ fix

"i don't know how to pose!"...good one chris

looks like we decided on looking in the other direction today

LA FAM REST. hopefully we become regular enough that they don't need to card us anymore.

the spread

pouring like a baws

to 3-day weekends!

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