Friday, June 10, 2011

May 29: Pooja & Suraj's Reception

Pnau - Baby (Breakbot Remix)

This isn't exactly an Indian tradition, but because there was so much to do, the Maparas and Patels held the reception the next day. Drinks and mingling in a huge courtyard. Grand entrances of the bride and groom and immediate families. Speeches. Dancing. Dinner. Photobooth. Frying station. More drinks. And more dancing.

Not much to say since I poured my heart out in the last post. But I'm reminded of our high school days when we used to all go to dances together and have the after party at Pooja's (except now we like to drink). Time changes. Friends don't.

I went to a high school dance with 4 of these girls! (And shot down 1 of them haha.)

Table 35.

Since we're friends of both parties, we got the sole table in the middle of the room!

Table shots.

::crowd roars::

First dance. Suraj definitely got some training in before this.

Champagne toast!

A little dancing and lifting of the newlyweds to build up our appetites.

Pooja's baby sister Priya!
"Jomo I've known you since I was born."

21 years... holy shit.

Bruce and Priya discussing some TV show ideas while waiting for some snacks.

Snacks from the Fry Girl!

Fries, sweet potato fries, and donuts. Fuck yeah!

Photobooth props.


A midst all the commotion, I was able to have a heart-to-heart with these 2 while the snuck away for some grub. (This is why I didn't need to give one of my epic speeches on the mic.)

Celebratory Patron shots! (*barfs*)

More drinky.

UPSIDE DOWN KISS! (Almost had it.)

Dance party time. I forgot what song was playing, but it must have been monster.

This is normal, not gay.

The Maparas were basically my 2nd parents in high school. Congrats!

Pooja's and Suraj's little sisters. Thanks for making me feel old.

Congrats to the Patels too!

One last group shot!

Alright now this is getting a little gay guys...

Sejal & Arjun.
"Jomo, take a picture of us!"

Nice afterpicture!

The DJ would not stop playing music. We ran with it.

I think this should be the wedding invitation for Bruce and Jasmine's wedding...

My niggaz.

Hephatha reenactment. Circa 1999? 2000?

I wonder where we would all be if Brian Park wasn't there that night...

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