Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 17: R Bar

Ratatat - El Pico

We had a little celebration for Alex's birthday in K-Town. Some of his homies from the Bay were in town for the weekend as well. After some AYCE BBQ at LA Family House we headed down the street to R Bar.

A quaint little bar with a hole-in-the-wall vibe from the outside. From the inside, maroon walls, dim lights, and wood finishes for days. A great spot to enjoy a drink and conversation. All you need to get in are a valid ID and a password (available on their twitter page). The weekend continues.

Congrats on the promotion and happy birthday Alex!

It feels like I'm in the hull of a pirate ship.

A James Y. sandwich.

A JUKEBOX! I want one now.

"ID... Okay now what's the password?"

Kelley regulating. Why didn't you just check your smartphone hipster guy?

Shuckin' and jivin'.

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