Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 18: Bruce and Jasmine's Engagement Party

Cee-Lo Green - Bridges (Prod. by The Neptunes)

This was so much fun. I think my friends should have engagement parties more often.

Bruce and Jasmine got engaged in late April, and had their engagement party a few weeks ago at Bruce's parents' house. They recently completed their backyard renovations just in time for the party. The pool, cabana, and bar all at our tips. Food was also catered with fresh-to-order Mexican food (including some delicious fried potato tacos), and a cupcake cake courtesy of Jasmine's cousin. To top it all off, there was enough alcohol to last a whole week. With a bunch of locals carpooling together, you can imagine how much everyone had to drink... (a lot.)

I've known these two since middle school and their soon-to-be marriage will mean a lot to me. I'll leave the emotional post for the actual wedding (scheduled sometime next summer). But just for the record, Jasmine said her favorite dance date in high school was me! #winning! (TAKE THAT STEPHEN, FERNANDO, and MARC!)

Picutres via an aspiring wedding photographer.

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