Sunday, June 05, 2011

May 28: Pooja & Suraj's Wedding (via KaYoTiK)

Pyrite (Sketch) by Frank Ocean

I've known Pooja for about 21 years now, and I've known Suraj for about 12. Pooja was my OG homecoming date. Suraj my 3rd period short-day buddy. I've been around these 2 love birds from day 1 which was 10 years ago. Amazing how time flies! It's about damn time you guys got married! Words really can't express how happy I am for you two. Even though we don't get to spend as much time together as we did back in high school, I appreciate you guys a lot and am excited to watch you guys grow together. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special weekend. Love you guys! :)

Groomsmen's Entrance. Ceremonial removal of the groom's shoes. Religious rituals. Exchanging of vows. Walking around the eternal flame. The walk back up the aisle together. The entire ceremony was so long that they served food and drinks during the ceremony. I'm not complaining though! I got to see some old friends I haven't seen since college and some since high school too. Awesome weekend.

Post via Brian.

wedding event of the year. a fun and beautiful ceremony. congrats you two!
random pictures from the non-pro that shot from his seat in the crowd.


not showing: matching grey/aqua argyle socks

2 hour drumline party before the ceremony started. so sick.

crowd surfing is a tradition

the patel clan waiting for pooja to come out



shots during our down time

thugz mansion

mid-ceremony meal time

dance team alum

"we got next"

photo bomb success

hey. when are you two getting engaged?

attached by the neck-rope!

thugz mansion pt 2

haters. gonna. hate.

(michael: please make this your profile pic and attach my corresponding links PLEASE.)

canyon in the houseeee!!!

congratulations again you two!!

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