Friday, January 28, 2011

What One's Eating: Father's Office (via KaYoTiK)

[/kip dynamite]

MF Doom - Beef Rapp

Burger Crawl 2011!

Alright so it's not one of those one-day crawls where we hit up several spots in a day. After much deliberation, Brian and I determined that performing such a feat would just not be beneficial to our health or our palettes. You just won't enjoy each burger as much as the first spot. So now we're just hitting up spots whenever we spend the night in LA. We've tried The Golden State. We've tried Umami Burger. (Slater's 50/50 is exempt from the list in a way because it's our hometown favorite.)

The thievery continues. Via KaYoTiK.

after the impossibly fun game night prior, woke up and headed out sunday morning before the rest of the burbank house knew what hit them. PRANK'S ON YOU.

met up with some friends over in fairfax.
yes, we only know each other because we enjoy shoes. enn bee dee.

they had already eaten at canters and none of the shops were open yet, so we settled for the obligatory shoe circle and jomo, james, and i headed out to find some food.

father's office has been on our mind since eating umami a couple weeks back.
this meant michael would be joining us for part 2 of #burgercrawl2011

drinks. peach beer actually tasted pretty good. don't mind the effeminate glass containing it.

sweet tater fries again. real nice stuff.

office burger.

unrelated - said what's up to leona lewis a few tables down. she has a really nice complexion.

ranking of LA burger spots thus far... goldenstate > fathersoffice > umamiburger
last up is comme ca, which michael holds as the best of the bunch. we shall see...
...and i wonder what random celebrity we'll run into on that trip...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 22: Dudes Night Out (via KaYoTiK)

...(plus kesarin)...

Benny Benassi & Gary Go - Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Saturday night with BBC. I wanted katsu. Chris wanted curry. Curry house is the obvious choice! Far Bar for a drink. Ran into Will Jeon. NBD. Then Burbank for more chillaxin'. Saved By The Bell game was just a different version of The Dating Game. Emergency glow sticks in my duffel bag to add some color to the night. Ms. S, you're presence was appreciated! Thanks for the brownies ma.

Back to stealing. Get over it. I did. It's not stealing when I say thanks anyway!

Thanks Brian.

the burbank household couldn't attend last week's festivities, so they wanted to make up for it by having us over for another epic game night slumber party. none of this new-age video game stuff either. all board and card based. it was totally boss.

dinner first though. waiting for them to arrive.

curry house in j-town. ligan is ready to chomp. on his sunny egg.

menchi katsu omelette. quite satisfying.

off to far bar to meet jason and anson chad. jomo's drink of choice.

chill spot in a dark alleyway.

DJs were good and they put on UFC to jack up testosterone levels.

then to burbank. need to find this sign again and redo pictures. preferably not from the car.

decided to bust out the saved by the bell game i got from white elephant.
take note of all the squares, for we will be randomly quoting them for the next few months.

not sure what was so effing funny...i think we're just trying to understand the game still.

behind THISSSSS door....(cricket chirp)

in myyyyy deskk.....jason and ryan won!!!

moment of truth for us all was finding out our dream dates...

...stupidest game ever.

all the while kesarin was baking us goodies. she's so thoughtful!


bust out ice cream and apples to apples.

(photo cred: thechadeffect)

3am. pump up the electro and crack open some light sticks.

ryan loving the light show

i think we blacked out after giving each other seizures because those were the last pictures on my camera from that night. decided to leave the guys a parting gift the following morning before heading out to our next adventure.

Watch out for the Circle Jerks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 21: Jomo Wasted @ R&R

Chromeo featuring Elly Jackson - Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix)

Continuing my birthday celebration with some of the homies in San Diego. I don't remember when I blacked out (duh). It must have been right before I started dancing because I don't remember any of those pictures. I definitely was sober during the sparkler/champagne shower, so I was forced to consciously soak in the J.Roget. After a few more shots of Henney, I was up and dancing without any regard for my bad knee.

Thanks everyone who made it out! For those who couldn't, I'll catch you on the next trip down!

I've witnessed this dozens of times down here. When in Rome...

I didn't intentionally put the sparkler to my face! It was a reflex to the champagne shower. I think I singed some nose hairs though...

Guil you got me right in the eye! (That's what she said.)

Good to go!

A slight upgrade from the Korbel on JAO/NYE.

Flannel light trails.


There we go. Why are you touching my beard like that...



Uhoh... Looks like jerking and crumping...

Gettin' ignant.

Thanks for the hospitality as usual TK!

Still going...

Looks like Girard has some bonus footage. Let's keep that in the vault please...

Red Bull.

Then it looks like we went to Asian Bistro for fourth meal and met up with some of the homegals.

Always panang curry or scrambled eggs and beef on rice when I get Thai food and I'm drunk...

Fourth meal on me!

I woke up in the morning with my knee feeling like complete shit. No more Jomo-wasted for a long time please. Thanks!