Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What One's Eating: Morton's Steakhouse

Show TuFli - Jap Scene

It's been a minute San Diego! (I still don't understand the phrase "been a minute"... Doesn't that mean it hasn't been too long?) More retail therapy done at Univ and 5&A Dime, followed by some chillaxin' with Tiff, Julz, and Girard.

Afterwards, Alison and Guil treated me out to dinner during restaurant week, MY CHOICE! Morton's it is. After begging Hannah to keep me company and to prevent me from being 3rd wheel, she joined us too. They don't make triangle tables anyway! (But they could technically fit 3 at that table haha.

Personalized menu! Win!
"Jonathon". Fail.

I told them "Jonathan", because I thought it would have been classier.

Maybe Alison told them "Jonathan" instead of "Jomo" so they didn't think you were black...
-(I forgot...)

Appetizers: Caesar salad and a giant onion roll.

Thanks for coming out for my...

Anniversary?! Fail x2.

Blocking the flash to make Guil dark as hell. Fail x3.

Sauteed mushrooms and onions. Fries.

Asparagus. Mashed potatoes.

And filet mignon! Medium rare. Beautiful.

Do I have any parsley in my teeth? (Where are my Community fans at?!)

Birthday creme brulee. Delish.

Thanks for dinner guys!

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