Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dec 31: NYE JAO 2011

Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah

Only a handful were lucky enough to see this atrocity of a flier. (But check out the pimp one I made for my birthday!)

Some of the key people I'd like to thank:
-Jason Millar for implementing the idea
-James Yonten for the preliminary promoting
-Alex Wong for pushing for it
-Neeraj Kapoor for helping us move furniture, doing store runs, and bringing the firepit
-Brian Moreno for opting for the house party with us instead of Vegas with the family
-Everyone that kept my house clean throughout the night
-Those who spent the night and helped clean up in the morning

My first house party. The opportunity is rare, but it was perfect. After going pretty big 2 new years in a row (and without the day off from work), my options to celebrate had to be local. Hours were spent on the premise of a house party, who would come, what would people do, creating 3 handcrafted playlists, shopping, preparing the house, and of course the cleanup. Brian's and my credit cards have also taken a considerable hit, but it was worth it.

It was literally a mashup of all kinds of friends from different groups. There were definitely over 60 houseguests! But minimal breaking of items, no noise complaints, no fights; everyone just having a good time socializing. Everyone respected the house and I thank you all for that. Music, food, drinks, firepit, friends, family. Thank you all for a memorable night! (Well memorable up until 12:30-1am... after that it's a big blur of moments...)

I stressed so much about this party. But it was a great success.


Alright my pictures are all wack so here's Brian's post. Yay!

pretty fun night, aside from me stressing out about the household and only achieving 30 minutes of sleep. short post to sum up the last night of 2010 and the first morning of 2011. rest of the photos will be up on facebook soonly enoughly.

dinner with the burbank crew transformed into pizza night

glass bottles are classy. they also break easily.

there's some pepsi somewhere behind all this

guest of honor channy showing off the new bling

can someone photoshop some artificial shininess?

9pm - happy new year east coast!

candid shot somehow turned into 4 people posing and/or acting nonchalant


more classiness. thanks carie!

more faces

james yonten being extremely funny that night. just ask him how hilariously on point he was.

seriously, ask him.

more nonchalant shenanigans

quesadillers were a major success neeraj.

next time - less cheese, more tortillas

firepit. and they said people wouldn't be into s'mores...

stephen's enjoying the piano action a little much

bruce and adam. never amused.

countdown action. 2 minutes to go...

how'd we fit this many people inside our house?

pop champagne

we did it you guise!!!

time to boogie

and the piano concert continues

even more faces

something is always the matter with stephen

blurry mo bros. mastermind and documentarian.

thanks to everyone for coming out. thanks to everyone for providing an exorbitant amount of liquor. thanks to everyone for being considerate and helping clean after themselves. thanks to everyone for not destroying the house. thanks to everyone for keeping me up till 6am. never doing this again.

Never say never!!!
(Oh I was SOOOOO tempted to link the Justin Bieber movie trailer...)

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