Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Alright you cocky mofo. You were right and got the best gifts (although we had to sell our dad on the Pacquiao Trainers). Thanks for the Space Jams though. You're da bess.

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woke up hoping to open presents like obnoxious kids do on christmas morning, but first was brunch with the family. after what seemed like an eternity, we were stuffed and cleaned up and it was time to tear open some boxes. our patience was rewarded.

oh. christmas tree.

first thing my brother and i did was open the gifts from our NSB secret santas.
rob hooked it up proper this year.

and jomo's grab bag of steeze from greg.

mommy opened up her gift cards for glen ivy spa.
for a couples session (or double time for herself).

parents got jomo and i dually gifts to share...

me first. they went the video game route this time.
kinda saw this coming when i saw size and weight. nerd alert.

hooked it up and it's so much cooler than i expected

and electro brushes for us tooooo

last was dad picking up the pacman trainers.

at first he was weirded out by the colors and the snug sizing and sounded kinda disappointed. then we explained how exclusive they were and that they're impossible to find and were only sold at 4 places on earth. then he super geeked out and started planning his outfits with them.

last thing here is my gift to jomes. enjoy them. jerk.

(i call him a jerk for getting me a year-old game and not having his actual gift in on time. he needs to redeem himself still =P)

this was the first time i ever felt that i did an exceptional job at getting gifts. hearing the happiness in my family's voices after they received their goodies gave me such an amazing joy. season of giving indeed =)


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