Friday, January 28, 2011

What One's Eating: Father's Office (via KaYoTiK)

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MF Doom - Beef Rapp

Burger Crawl 2011!

Alright so it's not one of those one-day crawls where we hit up several spots in a day. After much deliberation, Brian and I determined that performing such a feat would just not be beneficial to our health or our palettes. You just won't enjoy each burger as much as the first spot. So now we're just hitting up spots whenever we spend the night in LA. We've tried The Golden State. We've tried Umami Burger. (Slater's 50/50 is exempt from the list in a way because it's our hometown favorite.)

The thievery continues. Via KaYoTiK.

after the impossibly fun game night prior, woke up and headed out sunday morning before the rest of the burbank house knew what hit them. PRANK'S ON YOU.

met up with some friends over in fairfax.
yes, we only know each other because we enjoy shoes. enn bee dee.

they had already eaten at canters and none of the shops were open yet, so we settled for the obligatory shoe circle and jomo, james, and i headed out to find some food.

father's office has been on our mind since eating umami a couple weeks back.
this meant michael would be joining us for part 2 of #burgercrawl2011

drinks. peach beer actually tasted pretty good. don't mind the effeminate glass containing it.

sweet tater fries again. real nice stuff.

office burger.

unrelated - said what's up to leona lewis a few tables down. she has a really nice complexion.

ranking of LA burger spots thus far... goldenstate > fathersoffice > umamiburger
last up is comme ca, which michael holds as the best of the bunch. we shall see...
...and i wonder what random celebrity we'll run into on that trip...

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I'm copping two... said...

You gotta try the burger at Redwood Bar in downtown LA. It's amazing and great fries. Also, the Apple Pan is great (kinda In n Out style) and Hamburger Habit (you went there with me and Jasmine, but I am not sure if you ate).