Saturday, October 30, 2010

Runaway x Power

As soon as I saw these SNL performances, I knew what I wanted to be for Halloween.

Toast to the douchebags.

Everyone be safe this weekend!

Simply put... THE EVENT OF THE YEAR!

The 6th Annual Halloween Block Party returns on Saturday, October 30th. Join 2,000+ party goers as we all celebrate with three rooms of nightlife's most renowned dancer, DJ crews, and music scenes all under one roof at the legendary House of Blues San Diego. This event is guaranteed to sell out!

One of the "Halloween parties not to miss!" - NBC San Diego (2009)

Just in case you missed the sold out event last year...

HOB Block Party Halloween 2009 from VictoryNightlife on Vimeo.

Facebook Event Page
HOB Block Party

Thursday, October 28, 2010

post-party digestion (via KaYoTiK)

More blogging from the brother. Picking up where we last left off, Denny's served as 4th meal where Brian got to finally meet Guil and Alison. Then the next day was dim sum and ice cream with Maggie, followed by Jackass 3D and Knowlwoods with Yonten.

That's right. This is a food porn post. I hope you're not hungry.

Via Muscle Elmo.
so. after the party it's the hotel lobby....and hotel lobby is slang for local food spots around here. witness a massive food binge throughout sunday and enjoy the eatery.

3am - dennys
met up with jomo, alison, and guil after their costume party.

pick your poison

someone's on a diet. you can tell by the fried chicken

breakfast burger

sausage gravy + biscuit

and the usual country steak. egg whites are healthy, right?

12pm - elite dim sum
maggie brought us out for food, but james/cesar/henry were no where to be found.

glazed cha-siu-bao

unfortunately i don't know the chinese name for every dish.

donut shrimp rolls.

shrimp balls

pork balls

2pm - fosselman's ice cream
apparently food-network famous(?)

flavors - nutella on the left for me. jomo got strawberry-dipped-chocolate X taro

8pm - knowlwoods
post-jackass3d with james

irish nachos are bomb

philly cheese

double frisco burger

the title was a play on the phrase "postpartum depression"...
thanks to all the random visitors who think i live a more interesting life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oct 23: Costume Party!

Pursuit of Happiness - Slink's Hangover Remix by Slink-Tokyo-


Thanks for having us all over at your place. Music, drinks, pong, and a PHOTOBOOTH?! I need one of these in the house. Spent the rest of my Saturday night kicking it with Guil, Alison and some of her crew. My costume was a relative success! Except that I got less "Kanyes" and more "Mr. Ts", "MC Hammers", and "RAW Eddie Murphy". (pause) Everyone else had great costumes though. I'll let you guess some of these.


Hoodrat sat on gum. Lol.

Birthday girl pictures!!

Afterwards we hit up one of the few late night spots open by my house. Denny's. Meh. But at least home was only 2 miles away. Good times!