Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct 08: Julie's BDay @ The Standard

Kanye West - Christian Dior Denim Flow


The beginning of an awesome weekend in LA. James, Brian and I met up with some of the homies at The Standard, Downtown LA. The music was whatevers as usual, but I got to talk about some fun projects with Mr. 831.

Oh yeah. Since Brian wasn't allowed to bring his camera to the party, we got him some drinks to pass the time. Drunk Brian is pretty awesome if you haven't witnessed it already. If there's music playing, he pretends that he's on So You Think You Can Dance.

This was how James likes to start the night. Power naps are underrated.

Just so you know Jason, they showed me Promblems at the house. Quite the transformation.

Someone is nice and TAN after her trip to Jamaica!

How do you like your Red Bull Brian! ::wink::


Yay Julie! Boo photobomers who aren't your friends.

Wuttup Jay!


Remaining pictures and captions via The Drunk Baby.

friday night was spent celebrating julie's birthday over at the standard in LA. got word minutes before heading out that they wouldn't be allowing me to bring my DSLR into the spot. this could've quickly turned into another My House incident, but i kept an open mind. i was unusually hyper/happy on the way there, despite lacking dinner or any recent source of sugar. mix that in with everyone spiking my energy drinks and handing me whatever was in their hands so that i could taste it...i was pretty buzzed for the whole night. turns out that i'm actually able to have fun while in this state. it was really nice to see and talk to everyone for once. and thanks to peer pressure, i actually got on the dance floor again. overall, 3 thumbs-up for the night.

since i had no camera, i'll be providing shots post-1:15am while we sat around and ate from a taco truck. thanks to maggie and james for taking some random portraits of everyone.

i hope james isn't as emo as this shot portrays.

baby milo takes backseat car safety super seriously.

grand X olympic

order here

and the rest of the cars caught up

jamaican me crazy!

take 2

eileen decided to just randomly asian squat and start eating. straight hood.

gathering around the table

carnitas is highly recommended from this truck. super crisp and tender.

this is when maggie stole the camera. awesome face james.

BUSTED!!! < / pauly d >

working that autofocus well. at least james has his eyes open.

then james stole the camera from maggie.
asian squat in full effect. sharing a moment with iris...

...i was telling her about my history with motion sickness/vomiting

jamaican me crazy! (never gonna get old)

james is apparently intrigued by jomo's thinking face

work it

2:30am...go home.

happy birthday julie!!! (you probably won't read this since you're not actually in any of these pictures since you had already left to noraebang.) jomo should have a post coming up that i can steal that includes actual shots from inside the standard. let's hope it's up within the next few days weeks.

Very funny, guy.

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