Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oct 16: Row Bought Rawx (via KaYoTiK)


Alex and Ligan invited us out to a friend's event in Downtown LA. Aside from the sh*tty bartender who left me hangin' for about 30 minutes, we had an awesome time. Bryan and Yvonne came out too. Cesar came out for the first time in a while. Brian DRANK?!

Blogpost via The Alky.

bryan liu was in town again celebrating his birthday with socal folk. we must be really cool or something. we grabbed food with yvonne saturday afternoon at native foods cafe in the district (pretty dang good vegan food). then off to LA later that night to hang with a bunch of other asians at a robot-themed party. this'll be one of those enterily picture posts because they actually let me in with my camera for once, so i went a bit crazyish. words are boring to read anyway.

Daft Punk - Digital Love (Bart B More & Christian Luke Bootleg) by Bart B More

PS i kept going over bandwidth on photobucket, so i finally got that pro-version. super-sized pics forever!!! (over the next year)

vegan nachos

vegan bacon western cheeseburger

vegan portobello & sausage burger

vegan chipotle burger

7 hours later, we were inside of a bar. fruity drinks ftw.

dia de los muertos invasion

birthday couple!!!

eff your hipstermatic


where you been jon lee?

some of the costumes were pretty awesome/hardcore

though i don't know when "robot" / "metal" / "space" all became interchangeable

secondary angle of a photo bomber

the heck did the glow sticks come from?

2am. loiter. figure out where to eat. disperse.


random art shot.

double ring power activate! form of...mexican candy!

kesarin got really freaked out by the REALLY freaked out.


tortas. evita.

carne asada burrito(?)

family platter for diana, paul and i.... carnitas fry nachos.

our eyes were larger than our collective stomach density.

group shot!!

happy birthday bryan! see you soonly.

no more alcohol for a while. stuff is still really gross.
no more techno for a while. stuff is still really gross.

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