Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oct 14: 722 x Lemonade x T @ Teddy's

Guaranteed to be the next club banger.

Lloyd Banks - Start It Up ft Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie & Fabolous

Wednesday and Thursday night outings can be pretty therapeutic during a work week. I scooped up Hoodrat and we headed up to LA to check out the 722 Figueroa 2010 Fall Showroom event. Lots of great brands were on display, including my personal favorites: Lovewright Co., Copy, Huffer, and Thorocraft. And you can't go wrong with some free alcoholic beverages.

Effen x Blackberry Izze.



We were waiting for Julz, Brandon, and Girard. "We're about to leave" my ass!


Take 1, sans Alex. (Via Guest of a Guest.)

Take 2.

LA's cutest couple.

A little behind the scenes of 722.

Mark was super stoked on this power strip. A future in office design is in order sir.

Dr. Party Time, M.D.

Blaze x Len x Mikey.

Standard Triton pic whenever we're all in the building.

Then we headed over to Lemonade. Finally found these two mofos. Check out The Combover. I really hope you're able to keep this blog up Brandeezy. Fuck you Julz.

DJ Drewbyrd x BAMSKI.



Our next stop was supposed to be TK's opening of T(Thursday) @ Teddy's. But a trip further north was not favorable for us with class/work early the next morning. We were both dead tired already. Sorry, next time bro!

One last stop at JITB. Paid sandwich. Free fries. Free tacos. Like a boss.

By blacking out the eyes, this picture is still anonymous. Hah.

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