Friday, September 30, 2011

Sept 24: Loud & Obnoxious 4-Year Anniversary Sale / G-Burger

Recycling this track. Bite me.

Everybody Knows Us - Dom Kennedy, Pac Div, & cARTer

You want to make a successful brand with your friends? Then do what you love and believe in it through the end. The rest falls in to place. 4 years of Do-It-Yourself mentality, Loud & Obnoxious has the shown that it has the staying power in an industry that's difficult to have consistent success in. I go back with this brand via Brian and Chuck and and am very happy for their success! To celebrate, they had a warehouse sale (at their new 3x as big warehouse) with food, drinks, music, entertainment, and some good people. I picked up 3 tanks, 2 tees, 2 v-necks, a poster, and some L&O swaggggg. Good stuff guys.

Check out Brian's post for some hi-res pictures and more in-depth coverage.

Hardly home but always reppin'.

Fam love.

Home-made Do-It-Yourself lumpia?! Yes!

What One's Wearing: Vans x Huf Old Skool

L&O collaborated with Kooshian & Parada to make this bomb IPA!

Preston Burris was skating for about 5 hours straight! Keep an eye out for this dude.

cARTer coming through with that Houston swag.

Bonus footy of dinner and dessert. G-Burger with Neeraj and Michael.

Yep. Top 3 of my Burger Crawl 2011!

Then over to Watson's for some custom candy milkshakes!

This was for 3 different shakes, not just 1...

And the next day, pho with the A-Team!

Stussy 25th Anniversary Nike Court Forces. One of my faves.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept 21: Hammertime @ The Short Stop

Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass short STOP.

Big Sean - Dance (A$$)

Another Wednesday. Another Wildlife night at Short Stop. Celebrating Diana's freedom and my cousin staying over at the apartment and being my roommate for the next week! Wildlife is always a good time. This night's entertainment, was brought to us by the white girl in the black sequin short shorts shaking her thang like a stripper.

Yay roommates!

The Short Stop

Dr. Partytime, M.D.

Joanne x Sam

Triton Trifecta!

I wish I was an awesome DJ like you guys...

Love my cousin! Brian and Nicole are missing out.

Boogie board buddies!

D-Ko living it up while she's still in LA!

DJ Morse Code

Now make that mutha f*cka HAMMERTIME!

(Photo credit: D-Ko)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept 18: Night + Market (via KaYoTiK)

Searched "Thai food" on Soundcloud. Works for me.

Thai Food!

So much for staying out of LA on Sunday. But when Michael recommends and invites us to a dinner, we come running. And with good cause. This place was a high-end Thai restaurant, but worth it.

The rest via the semi-food snob.

after the insane fooding the previous day, my sunday plan was to work out and be anorexic. but then an invite was made to hit up night+market. an invite from mikey soh. and i will follow the food snob to any restaurant on earth. jomo and i headed up with stephen and carie to meet with michael and barbara. that was a lot of names in that previous sentence.

ghost bartenders

let me use this space to explain that this was a thai spot and i don't remember the names of most of what we ate. so i won't even try. but all was yummy.


pig tail

thai tea

rice in a cube

dead fish

dessert time! ice cream sandwich...with bread and rice?

mango and sticky rice

we did it!

thanks to stephen for taking us unnecessarily to inglewood, getting us the good/secret stuff by speaking decent thai (while not actually being thai), not starting the car so that we could watch the fight outside of the key club, the amazing mixtape sing-alongs, and driving me home.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept 17: One Last Cab Ride

Nervo - We're All No One (NERVO Goes To Paris Mix)

Diana and Evita have been roommates for the past 3 years. We've had a lot of great memories at their apartment. With them moving out to new locations, they decided to have hot pot, snacks, drinks, and one last cab ride out on the town. Check out some of Brian's shots from earlier that day, of hot potting, and everyone knocked out back at Divita's.

First some shots from earlier that day of the wave, the Red Ranger, The Golden State (BEST BURGER ON MY BURGER CRAWL!), and a snack binge at 99 Ranch.

Hot pot!

Then a night out in Studio City at the Black Market and Laurel Tavern.

Hot and bothered.

Non-alcoholic. Bleh.


What's this?! Some kinda cheesy, crunchy goodness.

To roomies!

And people in the middle of the shot...

Then across the street to Laurel Tavern.


Oh boy. This is the drink that put me over...

Thanks for being such great hostesses through the years!