Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What One's Eating: Shin-Sen-Gumi, Cafe Dulce, Far Bar, Chego

Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke ft Nas

Last Monday I got together with some of my UCSD peeps out in LA for some dinner, dessert, and drinks. If you know me, I have a few different groups, but I don't get to see my college friends very much. I miss hanging out with these knuckleheads.

Cathy showed me how to make a chopstick caddy! I'm finally one of the cool kids.

Thanks to Phil we had a bunch of extra toppings. No complaints here.

Daiko can suck on this!

Cream cheese stuffed pastry. Yum.

David was still antsy and needed a drink. Your wish is our command.

Firestone Velvet Merkin (Merlin). My new favorite stout!

Adios space cowboy.

The next evening, I got dinner with some high school friends in Culver City. The original plan was A-Frame, but we didn't feel like waiting for an hour. Rice bowls are always a good plan B.



Tofu bowl

Chicken bowl

Pork bowl

Everything was really good, but go with the pork bowl!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 18: BBC #Thanksgiving2011

World Premiere

Saturday Morning Cartoons - Break Lights

The annual thanksgiving dinner with BBC. With everyone's busy schedules we almost let it slip between the cracks. But we can't let this tradition go! So Evita, Fitz, and I took it upon ourselves to deliver the goods. A late Friday night dinner, we had a majority of the food catered from Honeybaked. Totally worth it. The only setback was that since it was a Friday night, people were exhausted from work, so the energy wasn't at 100%. No matter. At least we got some flipcup in and some good quality time with each other. Let the feast begin!

I've got my own pictures for this post this time! But here are Brian's.

"Yay Iris and John are here! #Shots!"
"Oh are you taking shots everytime someone walks in?"

Thanks John...

Group shots on shots on shots.

Damn these napkin rolls are #ONPOINT! Who did these?!

(I did... ^__^)

So many sides...

"We had to do a taste test..."


Habaneros soaked for 24 hours in vodka = #Firewater. #APPROVED!

Anson's veggie casserole is always a hit! Check out how #excited he is to serve it!

"Paul flex while you cut!" #buffguy


You serve ham to one, you serve ham to all! #noob

More group #shots!

Team #Planners! Plenty of time spent with these guys scheming!

What are we gonna do now?! #Kawawa...

More firewater shots! #posin'

Silly #shots.

What's wrong Ma?! #veryscary




Anson had the best faces of the night by far. Fitz and Brian are tied for 2nd.

Round 2. Watch the #pros handle this!


Yeah, our side fell behind...

#Victory! #Handsup #Chestgrab

#Shame #Defeat #Fail

He was in my #face!!
I'm in your #face....

The many #faces of May!

12am? #SHOTS!

Tiramisu. #sweet

#Throwback C-Town video time!


#BAMF #Drive #Sombrero

#Dance Central 2


Yeah I got lazy with those captions.... #DontCare