Friday, November 18, 2011

What One's Eating: Gyu-Kaku HH

Treasure Fingers - Take My Hand

My internship in LA is slowly coming to an end. It's been such an awesome experience being not only at the downtown office, but living in LA. My department even has me working back in Irvine once a week... Sigh... At least I can look forward to hanging out with these fools a little more often though.

Happy hour at Gyu-Kaku Tustin with the OC peeps. Even though it's cheap, we still end up paying $35. But it was good catch-up time on each other's weekends.

Gyu-Kaku pros. Nice tip on the fried...garlic...oil thing.

D-Ko your arms look crazy long here...

Garlic noodle. Ask to have them extra saucy. You won't regret it!

Let's get started!


I need to get you back on those embarrassing Halloween pictures Eileen...


"Tag me as the one with sesame seeds for my freckles!"


"Ewww... Here Richard you take this one!"

This hairstyle is dedicated to you, Bruce.

"Babe... give me a hug."
"Not now hun."


"Hey you wanna s'more?"
"Some more what?"

Free ice cream when you text Gyu-Kaku Tustin! Black sesame and lychee.

Are we all ready to dip into our free ice cream?!

Oh yeah... Mr. Outlier with cheesecake flavor... #WompWomp

Group shot! Thank me later guys.

"Do something funny!"

Flailing body parts are contagious.

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