Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Oct 26: Wildlife at The Short Stop

My first post was on June 5, 2008. 3 years, 5 months later and I'm at my 1,000th post! Nearly 40,000 unique visitors. Over 6,000 visitors that have hit my site at least 200 times. That blows me away. I remember that I started this blog because I wanted to start taking pictures, but didn't have an outlet to post them on (I refused to start a MySpace and nobody really had Facebook yet). I love looking at posts from years ago and reminiscing with those who were involved. Sometimes taking pictures and even going out was forced, but its all worth it.

My life isn't as exciting as this blog perceives it to be. Go out there and make something of yourself. Live with no regrets.

I'll continue to live by that last tag line. On to the next one!

After missing the last 2 weeks of Wildlife, I made my return and I tagged along with Mark and Angie to the Short Stop. (And I just moved into their old room, so I'll be here for the next few weeks too!) Our buddy Sam (DJ SoSuperSam - This Way Up) would be moving out to New York soon to pursue her dreams. Honestly, if you have yet to experience Wildlife, you're missing out. Drag your butt out here on Wednesday nights!

My highlight of Mark's set: REGGAETON!

Thizzz. Right here. Is Mark's. Swag.

Until next time.

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