Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct 22: Kathy and Thang's Birthday Costume Thing (via KaYoTiK)

First Crush (Featuring Knife City) by Sabrepulse

999th post via KaYoTiK.

finally got the oh-so-exclusive invitation to kathy's infamous annual costume party. photo booth, beer pong, banana dogs...despite coming late and having the birthday girl knockout waayyyy too early, we had a grand ole time. i took a few too many shots (alcohol) and forgot taking a few too many shots (photos). ha ha ha. PUNS. onwards to the pictorials!

taking teenage mutant ninja noses to the next level

voodoo skeleton, pinocchio, little red riding hoodrat, dangle

alison is totally into your helmet bro.

henny cork shots

was this the one that put her over?


i need a setup like this

she's still moving!

intergalactic hanging with friends


cuuuute! but where's abu?

ahhh, there he is! ben (at marquee) making a surprise appearance back in cali.

battle of the RGB spectrum

we got kicked out but the parents once the celebrants were zonked in the bedrooms.

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