Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Janelle Monae - TightRope (Video)

I posted this song last month and now we have the visuals to support it. Nevermind her unique look and obvious singing ability. THIS GIRL CAN DANCE! The whole video is just dancing: in the room, in the halls, on a table. And a cameo from Sir Daddy Fat Sacks as well? I can't stop watching this video. The footwork is AMAZING. I need my knee to come back ASAP so I can practice!

March 27: Couches at Confidential are Classified (Plus Bonus Track)

A perfect weekend to come down to visit SD. It's been almost a month since my last visit and I was going through my usual withdrawals. Confidential was CRACKIN'! I spent most of the night posted on the couch with my recovering knee and partying the night away (LIKE A PRO!). A few shots of Hennessy, a flask of Jameson to myself, and a couple drinks from the bar. Yeah a good chunk of the night was a blur! Always a good time with the SD fam! Rather than the usual captions, here's a recap of the night.

-Celebrating the birthday of Joe Iggy (The Lovewright Co.)
-DJ Mark Marcelo spinning your favorite jams all night
-My personal special guests Maggie and Ryan from OC/LA! (I'm glad you guys had fun! Come again please.)
-Barefoot bitches in the VIP stompin' on couches!
-Champagne showers
-A fight outside the club at the end of the night
-4th meal at La Fachada with our own personal NorCal-style orange sauce (aka Julz Jizz) and a bath for the birthday boy

Thanks to Toe-Knee for a good amount of these pictures and Guil for being our camera man.

If I were to make a photo montage for this night, I'd play it to this song: Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders. (PRESS PLAY) (DOWNLOAD LINK)

La Fachada

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 27: An Adventure with Jobeboje (Anti-Death Maneuvering, KZO Sale, King Taco, Lost)

This almost didn't make a post at all simply because I didn't take any pictures at the KZO moving sale. (I picked up a patterned button-down shirt.)

This will be a pretty vivid memory in my head for a while. James (driver) and I were on our way to downtown LA. At the 57-North/60-West junction, James was merging onto the 60. At the same time, another car was merging onto the 57. James made the move and in slow motion, I watched the other car come within inches of my side of the car. "OH SHIT JAMES WATCH OUT!" James pumped his breaks and swerved back out. The slow motion effect still going in front of my eyes, the other driver swerved wide and began drifting and fish-tailing, almost hitting the road fence. She swerved away from the fence and back towards the road, spinning 360 degrees in the process... RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! For a split second we were facing each other, eyes and mouths gaping wide open. OH FUCK WE'RE GONNA CRASH HEAD ON! I thought. But just like that, we all stopped. The expected sound of crunching glass and metal was non-existent. After a few shared "holy shits" James and the other driver got out of their cars to check. Oh fuck she's gonna bite his head off... I thought. But like us, the driver was just as relieved to see that everyone was alright. Sighs of relief on all accounts. A moment that could have gone wrong at any point from beginning to end, ended up with both parties driving away, thankful for being alive and well.

Onward to the KZO sale. We felt bulletproof. My driver, Jobeboje aka yjamesy.

After the sale we got some lunch at King Taco.

James enjoying the decor. This one isn't as bad as the Virgin Mary wearing a King Taco shirt at the other location.

Carne asada burrito and a soda on the side.
King Taco is the only legit Mexican spot in LA. Prove me wrong. (@me via Twitter)

The post could have ended here. But James' trusty Garmin sent us on an hour-long detour through the surface streets of Downey and Norwalk. Where the hell are we?!

Indonesian/Japanese Baptist church, in a predominantly Hispanic area.

A wedding ride between 2 cemeteries.

A wrong turn. "Recalculating..."

Loans, jewelry, and guns. What more do you need?

I guess we should've helped these guys out...

A beautiful day. SD bound.