Sunday, November 06, 2011

Oct 29: House of Blues Halloween Block Party 2011 (via KaYoTiK)

Skrillex - San Diego (Nothing Yet/VIP)

Well I wasn't as sh*tfaced'd as last time, but that didn't stop me from blacking out. I've concluded that the combination of having a hotel so close by (allowing me to preparty hard), and the lack of fresh air down in the HoB basement will lead to a guaranteed blackout. I brought along some of the same gang from last Halloween, along with some old high school friends. And if you've been on my Facebook, you must have seen plenty of my "creeper" shots. Apparently I was freaking girls left and right... (At least it wasn't a trash can.) Angie said it best: "I've never seen that side of you before Jomo! It's like the wild animal inside of you was let loose." How embarassing...

And not a single good picture of my Drive jacket! Bummer. Good times embarrassing stories nonetheless. Via KaYoTiK.

in continuation of this past awesome weekend...
headed down to san diego for their annual halloween block party.
i know people are just gonna go through this trying to find themselves in random poses, so i'm skipping any/all captions. feel free to create your own talk bubbles.

thanks to TK/hannah/victory nightlife/HOB for letting me shoot again.
thanks to mark/julz/edric/mindzalike/thecombover for spinning the entire night.
thanks to all our friends for making the drive and hanging out.
thanks to everyone dressed up for being a part of another fun photo post.
thanks to the cute girls that requested to take a picture with me for being cute and requesting to take a picture with me.

i'm out. it's my birthday in a few days and i don't really plan on posting any time soon as i should be spending my time having fun/recuperating. peace.

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