Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What One's Eating: Shin-Sen-Gumi, Cafe Dulce, Far Bar, Chego

Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke ft Nas

Last Monday I got together with some of my UCSD peeps out in LA for some dinner, dessert, and drinks. If you know me, I have a few different groups, but I don't get to see my college friends very much. I miss hanging out with these knuckleheads.

Cathy showed me how to make a chopstick caddy! I'm finally one of the cool kids.

Thanks to Phil we had a bunch of extra toppings. No complaints here.

Daiko can suck on this!

Cream cheese stuffed pastry. Yum.

David was still antsy and needed a drink. Your wish is our command.

Firestone Velvet Merkin (Merlin). My new favorite stout!

Adios space cowboy.

The next evening, I got dinner with some high school friends in Culver City. The original plan was A-Frame, but we didn't feel like waiting for an hour. Rice bowls are always a good plan B.



Tofu bowl

Chicken bowl

Pork bowl

Everything was really good, but go with the pork bowl!

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