Saturday, November 05, 2011

Oct 28: So Long SoSuperSam (via KaYoTiK)

Some of the NEW New York swag.

A$AP Rocky - Out Of This World (Prod. By The Olympicks)

One-third of my Triton fork (Me, Mark, and Sam) is picking up her things and moving out to Brooklyn to pursue new opportunities. I can't believe we're still such good friends after we met nearly 10 years from our old college days. (Geez college was that long ago?!) Good luck in your future endeavors in New York buddy! You're destined to do great things, I know it. I'll be sure to visit ya too!

I need to make a trip/move to NY... Post via KaYoTiK.

awesome weekend.
friday night, we made our triumphant return to broadway bar for secret public. this one was special though as we were celebrating cry-fest 2011 saying goodbye to our good friend, miss samantha duenas. aka sosupersam. she's continuing to live out her dreams and is moving out to NYC to make it big on the east coast. we's gonna miss you girl! don't forget about your peeps back home when you're headlining tours all around the world =)

oh, and before i go on, make sure you download her latest mixtape this way up.
it's a treat for your earballs. and if you end up completely disregarding the rest of this post just to follow the link to enjoy it, then i'll be more than happy to accept that trade-off.

now if you're still here for some reason, on to some photos!

broadway got festive with it

sam and her fam

story time: i knew her sister amanda back when i worked at UCI, but pretty much haven't seen her since 05/06. fast-forward to friday night and she spotted me walking around the bar. was happily surprised that she actually remembered me and my face. chatted for a bit before she pulled me over to "meet" her sister sam. after some fake handshakes, we explained that we've known each other for a while and my presence that night wasn't entirely random. sosillyamanda.

obligatory shot from the stairs

i'm liking the silhouettes i made in the background

taco man.

undead bartenders were hooking it up that night

another one of mark's epic 4 hour sets

donald glover coming out to see sam off before they head out on tour together

i haven't seen him in a while. this is me unnecessarily excited.

these mini cupcakes were friggin bomb.

this is apparently the face sam makes while giving musical requests.

this guy was just enjoying life the exact second i took this shot.

it's like trying to spot waldo in a lounge full of just can't be done.

sam - i appreciate all the awesome facials.


SIBLINGS! UCSD vs UCI. *zot zot for life* that the shocker?

indeed. all the bestest! good bye forever sam!!! *tear*

...but first, see you at the concert in two weeks =D

BONUS! footy of mark bawling his eyes out after saying our goodbyes.

My celebrity highlight of the night:
"Hey dude! You lost weight and grew your hair out!"

Surprised he remembered me...

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