Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan 01: New Years-ing (via KaYoTiK)

New year's resolutions*:
-Eat better
-Blog more
-Stop stealing Brian's blogs.

This post is proof that new year's resolutions are a big joke. Ate junk. 2 weeks behind on this post. And this post stolen from B-Mo (along with 2 more to steal).

been observing the intense dropoff in readership the day following an update. only 15% of you came back to check on my site randomly today?!???/// how dare you...

1-1-11. aka one one one one.

first meal of the decade!!! robin? i guess that's cool.

drip drip drip

meat and cole slaw and fries and sauce and frecking lemonade

and this is the last known sighting of my lens cap (black circle in background)
i bet annie's boobs took it...

then it was nap time. fast forward 7 hours later to burbank.
2nd meal of the decade!!!...popeyes? i guess that's cool.

everyone ended up giving me their fried skin pieces. YUM.

cheers to 2011. best year evers.

eileen about to get tossed off the ottoman. oh you fancy, huh?

gearing up for a game of celebrity. all hat everything.

seriously....where did paul get this lollipop?!?!?

good assortment of expression in this one. love you anson.

charades section...ryan must be carl winslow from family matters, right?

deadmau5!...matt damon in goodwill hunting! (obviously...)

what you sucking on hiroshi fujiwara/atrak?


tap tap revolution.

4am. and we made it to the finals.

thisss....right myyyy............schwag.

fatty food. games. filipinos with broken noses. shake weight battles.
it was a fun start to the year.

*These resolutions were never actually made, only listed for the dramatic effect.

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