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Jan 07 + 08: Game Night (via KaYoTiK)

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1-7-11. back like we never left.

another random night in burbank. most expecting it to be another night of celebrity and spoons and slappy hands, but i decided to surprise the house and bring over my kinect and dance central so that we could make fools of ourselves. mission accomplished, though i still wish we played a round of slappy hands (someone tell me the actual name of the game please).

asian food. what we gots here?

shrimp fried rice

chicken pad thai

beef pad see ewwwwww

first plate.

not shown: second and third helping.

cheers to nothing!

cheers to everything!

plugged in and get set up. enjoy the goofy-ness
warming up with some rally ball.

must digitally protect the crotch

sweet hops!

effing sharks attacking our cubicle


jason, you're scaring anson!

superman them hoes.


no girls allowed.

paul's actually playing???

this is after jomo saw paul's shirtless photos.

they were also discussing something about ears and nipples...?

discussion/argument/fight over why we're hanging out.



diana - late to the party. still so cool.

ligan showcasing the filipino in him.

apparently i stopped taking pictures by 3 am. we all ended talking till about 6 in the morning again. iphone apps. xanga stalking. buying a coachella ticket at 5am. time just flies in this household.

Jan 08:
slept over at burbank since neither my brother nor i wanted to drive anywhere at 6am. that night/morning, my bed was a lovesac and my blanket was a bootleg snuggie. once we awoke and got kicked out, we decided to go hit up the LA shops since we had nothing better to do. channy and gaston randomly call up we decide to meet up. we also throw michael soh into the action by enticing him to lunch at umami burger. pictures are as follows.

make it to fairfax after a lot of re-routing through traffic.
this is the line outside of diamond. apparently people like curren$y around here.

is that a dark-skinned kanye in the foreground?

and this is 10 minutes later. "the man" just trying to break up a good time.

just kidding. you see that burgundy jacket on the ground near the bottom right? there's a bum inside of it. and he was passed out on the floor all morning apparently. paramedics, firefighters, and a bunch of red cars were necessary to cart him off.
pants on the ground.

more randomness - headed towards the la brea shops. saw someone wearing a teriyaki boyz jacket and carrying a bunch of bags out of union. decided to follow who i thought was cudi into stussy. it turns out it was just lupe fiasco. he has more facial hair nowadays. feel free to try and figure out which parts were sarcastic in the previous sentences...
chicago mang.

found the engaged couple and met up with michael at the la brea umami.
apparently they had an assortment of fruit sodas, so i went with the mango.

not too shabby. i also just realized the girl on the bottle doesn't have a top on. strange.

tempura onion rings

sweet tater fries

smushed potatos

umami burger

triple pork

everything was good...just not worth the hype/money.
i feel the golden state holds it down for the LA burger scene.

Agreed. Golden State > Umami Burger. But now I must try Father's Office. Burger Crawl 2011, COMING SOON!

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